Top 5 Powerful Ways to Boost Sales in WooCommerce 2022

December 2, 2022

Do you want Growth hacking? Imagine your ideal customer. Most likely, he often visits your store and buys not everything, but only goods with a high margin. He is constantly interested in new products, and you know his family and friends because they also buy from you. At the same time, he never buys in other stores what he can buy from you. 

Is it possible to grow such a buyer?  Yes, but unfortunately it usually means long and hard work.  Therefore, right now we will show you some working life hacks for hacking user loyalty using a minimum amount of resources, which will help you to influence business metrics as efficiently as possible.

Growth Hacking

Install a powerful loyalty plugin

Well, let’s start. Let’s say you created your store based on WooCommerce and sent advertising traffic to the store, but customers just leave, or once they place an order, they don’t come back again. It is logical because in the eyes of the buyer you are one of the millions of sites that sell something there. Let’s fix this in a few steps.

To do this, we need a powerful plugin for Growth Hacking and organizing an automatic WupSales Reward Points loyalty program. Initially, this plugin allows you to reward users for purchases and actions with bonus points, which they can only spend in your store in the future. But besides this, the plugin has many additional unique options that we just need.

Go to the WordPress admin -> Plugins -> find WupSales Reward Points. Click install and activate.

Growth Hacking metricks

When the plugin is installed, let’s move on to specific recommendations for hacking user loyalty.

Growth Hacking the Retention Rate metric

Well, everything is simple here. We will be giving Reward Points for purchases so that users are motivated to come back and spend them before the expiration date. Go to the Set Points section in the plugin menu. Here we see all our products and can set a small reward for the purchase of certain products.


Or we create groups of products from conditions such as category, attributes, brand, and price, and if the product falls under all conditions, then the user will receive the specified reward for buying it. 

OK, we’ve set up a reward per purchase, but let’s add some more motivation to keep users coming back to your store. Let’s go to the settings and specify the expiration date for points for purchases, for example, 90 days.

Woprdpress Dashboard

In this way, users will be motivated to return to your store to spend bonus points before they expire.

Growth Hacking the Lifetime Value metric

Everything is logical: the longer the client is a user of your store, the more money he will bring you. Therefore, it is very important to increase this metric. But how?

To do this, we need to keep customers not just with bonus points for purchases, but also give them a sense of “specialty” and “importance”. Therefore, we will use a modern analog of membership cards, namely a multi-level loyalty program, where for fulfilling the conditions, for example, the number of days from the date of registration, the number of purchases, the role, etc., we will be able to give the client permanent privileges in our store. 

Woocommerce reward points

Go to the settings -> user levels section and create an unlimited number of loyalty program levels. We set a reward in the form of permanent bonus points for purchases or a permanent discount. Now we select a condition or several to reach the level, for example, to be registered on the site for 1 year and have a purchase amount of more than $ 1000.  

Growth Hacking

All these levels and the conditions for achieving them, as well as their current level, users will see in their personal account area. Thus, users will be motivated to perform the actions they need and receive pleasant rewards, thereby choosing your store among competitors in the future.

Growth Hacking the APRU metric

We increase the average check per user. Probably one of the most important business metrics. After all, why spend expensive resources on attracting new users, if you can increase the average check of existing ones?

For example, one of the ways to Growth Hacking the average check is to increase the motivation to buy more directly in the basket. To do this, we will set an additional bonus for the size of the basket. Go to Settings -> Cart. Here we can set an unlimited number of basket size ranges to receive the bonus. Enter range and reward. Ready.

loyalty program

Now users have an additional motivation to increase the cost of the basket.

Growth Hacking the CR metric.

We increase the conversion rate. The fundamental rule of Growth Hacking is to turn new users into customers. And it seems we know exactly how to crack the funnel in this place. To do this, let’s go to the magic section of Auto Actions and create an automatic marketing campaign. For example, let’s give a welcome signup bonus to all customers. A small but nice bonus, that’s it. And we will immediately notify the user about the received bonuses with the help of a pop-up, which we can beautifully arrange. Now the user will immediately receive almost “money” that he can spend only in this store.

Hack CR metrick

In fact, the plugin allows you to automatically issue a bonus for anything, as well as combine several triggers and conditions with each other. Thus, you can set up several campaigns once, and then the plugin will automatically calculate the reward and notify the user. 

Best woocommerce plugin

In our opinion, this is the best tool for automating marketing campaigns.

Growth Hacking the Engagement rate metric

Is a very important metric for your brand, the effectiveness of which directly affects not only profit but also the longevity of your product. We offer to influence the metric with the help of a promotional campaign in honor of promotions or holidays.

To do this, go to user balance, select all users, or filter by any of the many conditions and click on earn points. Let’s make a Black Friday promotion and assign a deferred points accrual to November 11th for all users. And we will notify them via email about it.

reward points

A final thought

If you are a business owner, then most likely your main goal is to form in customers the idea of your store as a friend who can be trusted to choose a product that they want to come back to again and again.

As you can see, WupSales Reward Points does a great job of Growth hacking. Well, we hope that this video was useful for you, good luck!

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