Price Filter Options

Price Filter Options

WooCommerce Product Filter has a unique set of options and a variety of filters.
Each filter criterion is customizable, giving you maximum control over what your customers are filtering and the results that they see.
This tutorial will help you learn more about the filter by product price.

Select “show options” on the Price line to configure this filter.

You can configure the Price Filter by:
1) Title and Description
2) Filter Skin and Settings
3) Show and Configure Price Entry Fields

Title and Description

Here you can enter your Title Lable text, by default Price
If you wish, you can enter the filter Description text (optional)
Set whether to Show  Title Lable :  (No; Yes, show as close; Yes show as opened)

You can define which role show users in the drop down .

Show on frontend as.

Price Filter customize

Filter Skin and Settings

Filter Scin. Here you may select the price filter skin.The following price filter skins are available to you:

  • default
  • Flat Skin
  • Big Skin
  • Modern Skin
  • Sharp Skin
  • Round Skin
  • Square Skin

Woobewoo price filter

Scin Settings .

You can improve the look of your filter by choosing any skin color

Display price filter

Show grid. Turn it on if you want to display the filter grid.

Show and Configure Price Entry Fields

To configure the “Display and alignment of the filter” settings, select the “Show price entry fields” check box.

Symbol Position. Here you can choose Before or After the price fields

Show Currency as.Choose how the currency will be displayed: symbol or code

woocommerce product filter

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