Price Range Filter Settings

Price Range Filter Settings

WooCommerce Product Filter has a unique set of options and a variety of filters.
Each filter criterion is customizable, giving you maximum control over what your customers are filtering and the results that they see.
This tutorial will help you learn more about the Price Range Filter  .

Title and Description

Here you can enter your Title Lable text, by default Price
If you wish, you can enter the filter Description text (optional)
Set whether to Show  Title Lable :  (No; Yes, show as close; Yes show as opened)

Show on frontend as.Depending on whether you need one or several categories to be available at the same time, you may show your categories list as checkbox or dropdown.

If you select a drop-down , then you can select the text drop-down label. This is the text of the first option of the dropdown menu.

Product Filter

Range Setting Method

Set Range Automatically:

If this option is enabled, you may set the price range settings automatically.

Price range step. Here you may set the value of prise increase step. The default value is set to 20. All the steps are equal. When setting the step, please note that the number of elements in the list should not exceed 100, otherwise the step setting will be reset and automatically calculated.

Woocomerce filter

Set Range Manually:

If this option is enabled, you may press the “Setup” button and customize your price range settings. You may increase or decrease the number of steps and set different values for each step.
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Maximum height in frontend.Set maximum displayed height in frontend(px)

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