Product tags settings and filtering

In this tutorial, we will consider the main steps to set up the tags for the product.

Each product you’re planning to sell should be listed as a WooCommerce product.

Firstly, navigate WooCommerce -> Products -> Add New product or edit already created one. After you created the product page, it’s time to add the tags.

Create the tags

  1. Move to the WooCommerce -> Products– Tags section:
    Product tags
  2. Set a name (f.e. hoodie), a slug and fill description (optional) and press the “Add new tag” button. A new tag will appear in the list.

Here you can see a short video instruction step by step:

Add the tags to the product page

Open a product, move to the right panel, Tags section, and add a new tag or select from the most used tags:

page settinhs

Also, you can add a new tag as well. Notice, that you can add more than one tag for each product.

Tags Filter settings

Now you can use created tags to set the filtering by Tags in Product Filter Plugin:

Here you can:

  • Put Filter title and description.
  • Show label as open/close/none.
  • Show on front-end as checkbox list or drop-down. Depending on whether you need one or several tags to be available at the same time, you may show your tags list as checkbox or drop-down.
  • Set a Drop-down label. 
  • Sort by. Here you may set Tags sorting by ascending or descending price.
  • Order by custom. Tags are displayed according to the order of their selection in the input fields.

custom sorting

  • Enable Show count.
  • Hide tags without products.
  • Product tags. Here you may select product tags to be displayed on your site from the list. If you want to select several tags, hold the “Shift” button and click on category names. Or you can hold “Ctrl” and click on category names. Press “Ctrl” + “a” for checking all tags.
  • Exclude terms ids. Here you may exclude category terms from the filter by ids. Example input: 1,2,3
  • Show search.
  • Maximum height. Set maximum displayed height on front-end.
  • Always display all tags. If checked, the entire list of tags will always be visible, otherwise only available for filtered items.

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