Price List

With a help of WooCommerce Product Table you can list your products in a different ways: as a Catalog, an Order form, and as a Price list.

Using our plugin, you already have ready WooCommerce price list which you need not to create manually. Everything you need, just to add the products and set the Price column for the table. You will get dynamic pricing list, that need not updates. Changing the price for products in WooCommerce, plugin updates the prices in table automatically.

For more demanding users you can make price list more advanced:

  • Make Price list easy to navigate: use Search, Sort, Filters. One click – and customers can searching the table by key word, filtering by attributes and categories and sort the content by numbers, text, date in ascending or descending order. Good navigation increases sales.
  • Add Pagination to improve performance, consequently it will speed up and optimize your website.
  • Provide the the option of front-end export. Print button  allows customers to make the copy of the price list in one click.