Global settings

Using WooBeWoo Reward Points is easy and convenient, and does not require programming knowledge. You can adjust the logic/behavior, as well as use various methods of attracting everything in a couple of clicks. Let’s take a look at some of the global customization options you get by choosing the WooBeWoo Reward Points Loyalty Plugin.

Activation and Stop of the Bonus System

After installing the plugin, the administrator will have the opportunity to first set up the loyalty system and only then use the “Run” option of the loyalty system. At the same time, the admin can also suspend the loyalty system at any time.

Automatic Rules Page

We care about our clients, so the rules will be generated automatically from the settings in the plugin. You can change them or restore them to default at any time. The rules will also be displayed in the user’s personal account.
Rules Loyalty program

Control of Participation by Age

By default, WordPress users don’t have an age field. But the plugin provides its own age field. Thus, when you turn on the age restriction option, the user in his personal account of the loyalty program will see a request to confirm his age in order to participate in the system. He just needs to enter his date of birth and confirm participation in the system.
Min age participation

Custom Name for Reward Points

A great element of gamification of your loyalty program Reward Points is a custom name for bonus points. But usually, you don’t want to manually install everything and change the names in all places where they are displayed separately. Well, we have great news here. The WooBeWoo Reward Points for Woocommerce plugin provides the ability to enter your own custom name for bonus points, which in one click will replace the name in all places, both single and plural, as well as the abbreviation.
single plural abbreviated name of bonus points

Point Expiration Date

Reward Points for purchases and promotional points are independent of each other. Accordingly, the administrator can set different expiration dates for Points for Purchases, and Points for each individual promotion. The user in the personal account of the bonus system (balance widget) will see the total count of all bonus points available for payment. But he can open this counter and see the details for each counter. Including counters of points for each promotion separately.

Payment Settings

Manage all payment settings for Reward Points from one place of settings:
  • Max to pay by points. Set the maximum percentage of the cart amount that can be paid with reward points. Thus, you can control that users do not buy goods cheaper than you expected. (By default, users can pay 100% of the basket with bonus points)
  • Max value BP for 1 cart. Set the maximum amount of points that can be used for one cart. Here we are talking about the exact number of points, the maximum possible for use in one cart.
  • Min amount cart. Set the minimum amount of the cart to be able to use the points.
  • Exclude sales items. If this option is enabled, discounted items will be excluded from the cart amount calculation.
  • Refund logic. Control exactly how to manage points during the return of goods in which bonuses participated.
Checkout Rewards Points

Multicurrency (Auto conversion)

By default 1 reward point = 1 unit of Woocommerce default currency. Accordingly, if your main currency is USD ($), then 1 reward point will be equivalent to $ 1. And for example, if a user uses 10 points to pay, he will receive a $10 discount. If your store has multiple currencies installed. Then when the user switches to another currency, bonus points will be automatically converted to the equivalent of the main currency.
Reward Points

Rewards by Cart Size 

You can create an unlimited number of cart range levels for which the user can receive the specified number of points.  “The more you buy, the more rewards”. This is very convenient, and most importantly, it can please your users and give them the final argument why they should choose your store.
Create Conditions

Analytics mode 

The analytics section is designed to help in obtaining a real-time status report, determining the most effective use, obtaining up-to-date data on the use of the bonus system, and many other indicators. The following metric charts are available in the plugin: *Profit – with and without the loyalty system. *Count of purchased products – with and without the loyalty program. *Dynamics of the customer base – with and without loyalty system. *Costs of using the loyalty system. *Percentage of purchases with spent points. *Percentage of purchases earning points. *loyalty program conversion (returnability). *Best selling product (with BP) – top 5/10/20 list. *Most Purchased Product for Rewards – top 5/10/20 list.
Bonus system analytics
By installing the WooBeWoo Reward Points loyalty program, you get a unique opportunity to “anticipate” the desires of consumers, “luring” them with interesting offers.

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