Free vs Pro: which one to choose?

September 8, 2020

Besides the WooCommerce Product Table, loved by thousands of Free users, there is also a Pro version, which you can download here. There are also more advanced activation options such as – Advanced and Business, but they are more suitable in the corporate segment, they are simply not needed for an ordinary user. The main and undoubtedly useful properties of Product Table Pro are –

  • Multiple add to cart Add all to cart
  • First variation as default
  • Attribute filter
  • Hide view cart link
  • Category filter
  • Loader Icon and color
  • Tag filter
  • Hide searching properties from table
  •  Price filter
  • Add products automatically
  • Custom taxonomy filter
  • Advanced Custom Fields compatibility
  • Multiselect for filters
  • Custom Post Type UI compatibility
  • Measurement Price Calculator compatibility
  • Custom table styles and design
  • Buy button design.
  • SSP and Lazy Load

They are also presented in the free version, but these functions are blocked.

Free vs Pro: which one to choose?

You can ask if you should upgrade to Pro? The question is correct, especially if you know that Product Table Free can be run free with any WordPress theme. Yes, you cannot use a lot of useful features of the Pro version, but the plugin in the free version is excellently functional and will suit many people. Again, for additional functions, you can install special additional plugins that will help you in setting up the store, but why if all this can be obtained in one plugin of tables of the Pro version? … Of course, do not forget the official support in case of buying a license, but this option is more suitable for users who have conceived a solid company with serious goals. It is also great that for Advanced and Business buyers, WooBeWoo’s pricing policy is much softer and the price will turn out to be almost 2 times cheaper than at the usual rate.

Free vs Pro: which one to choose?

Comparison of Pro and Free Versions of WooCommerce Product Table

Whether buy the license key for Product Table Pro or not is up to you. We just have to consider the tables of differences between the main versions of the plugin.

First, let’s examine what columns are available in the WooCommerce Product Table and specifically in the FREE or PRO versions.

Available Columns        Free      Pro

Thumbnails                 ✔          ✔          
Attributes ×
Stock status 
Short description 
Sale Price dates
Product link 
Custom fields×
Dimensions ×

Now, let’s compare the functional part of the WooBeWoo Product Tables plugin, namely the differences between the Free and Pro versions:

Options                                                                       Free         Pro

Online Table Builder✔          ✔          
Auto and Fixed table Width
Mobile screen width
Columns customization
Borders & Row Striping
Table elements
Variation dropdowns
4 Responsive modes
Table information
Search and Sort
Drag & drop custom frontend sorting
Print button
CSS editor
Usage statistic
Thumbnail size
Table Loader
Live Preview
Text Overwriting
Add to cart button
Hide quantity input
Display private products
Add products variations automatically×
Multiple add to cart Add all to cart ×
First variation as default ×
Attribute filter×
Hide view cart link ×
Category filter ×
Loader Icon and color ×
Tag filter ×
Hide searching properties from table ×
Price filter×
Add products automatically ×
Custom taxonomy filter×
Advanced Custom Fields compatibility ×
Multiselect for filters ×
Custom Post Type UI compatibility ×
Measurement Price Calculator compatibility ×
Custom table styles and design ×
Buy button design ×
Server-side Processing×
Show variation thumbnails×
Lazy Load×
Show products by vendor×
Hide products before filtering×
Show variation price in price column×


How to buy a Pro license key?

This shouldn’t be a problem. You can purchase an activation code on the official website Don’t forget to leave feedback on your impressions of the plugin at work, and do not hesitate to contact support for even the most minor reasons.

How to buy a Pro license key?


 Of course, it’s up to you to decide which version of this great plugin suits you.

First of all, ask yourself, “What exactly do I want to achieve by opening a WooCommerce store on WordPress?”

If the answer is something like, “I need the Product Tables plugin to display several products on one of the pages of my store”, then you definitely should not overpay and stop at the Free version of the plugin.

But if the answer sounds like, “I want to create a new, unique and stylish store, the goal of which is to become a new brand with satisfied customers and a conversion rate exceeding all the norms”, then you definitely need the PRO version with all its wide functional benefits.

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