How to Add YITH Quick View to Product Table?

You’ll agree that selling online is not an easy task. There are too many factors to consider in the rapidly changing Internet environment. Even for an experienced entrepreneur, it is difficult to achieve additional sales. The efficiency of any shop is measured by the number of goods sold. To increase sales you need to make the shop as convenient for the customer as possible. This is especially true for an online business. How quickly a purchase is made depends on how quickly a potential customer finds what’s needed.


Fortunately, you can easily turn your WooCommerce shop into a successful one with the right tools. One of such tools that will completely change the way you do business is the WooCommerce Product Table plugin.  It is a great WordPress plugin to help you create amazing product tables. Below is an example of a product table that you can create with the plugin. 

Quick View Sample

The plugin has all the features you need to create beautiful tables and streamline the customer journey from start to finish. At the same time, it’s easy to set up and use, making it one of the best tools you’ll ever have. Except that, the plugin is fully compatible with YITH WooCommerce Quick View. That’s powerful functionality for increasing sales. 


YITH WooCommerce Quick View is the most popular Quick View plugin. With the plugin, you can add the quick view functionality to your product table for showcasing products’ data in a modal window without waiting for a page to be opened.  The plugin allows selecting which elements to show in the quick view lightbox.

Why Do You Need a Quick View?

The Quick View mode allows the visitor to get acquainted with the product without going to a separate page. So there is no need to spend extra time and perform unnecessary actions to find what’s needed in the product catalog. The customer will simply click on the “quick view” button and in one click, without waiting for a long loading of the product page, add the product to the basket. Here are a few reasons why a quick view is important:

  • a customer gets quick access to such product details as the product’s image, descriptions, pricing, etc.
  • it makes easier for a customer to decide on the products and add them shopping cart without having to leave the main shop page
  • it simplifies the buying user flow and improves shopping experiences.

So let’s find out how to enable the quick view option for your product table.

Step 1

Proceed to the Plugins menu in your WP Dashboard. Click Add New, type YITH WooCommerce Quick View in the search bar, and install the plugin. After the installation is made, you’ll get the YITH menu in your Dashboard. You can go there to set up the appearance of the quick view.


Step 2

After you customize everything according to your need, it’s time to go to your products table, open the one where you need to enable the quick view. In the Select properties to add to the table, you’ll receive one extra option called YITH Quick View. You need to add the properties and that’s it. 


Here you go! Now it’s time to go to the liv page and check how it works. 

YITH Quick View

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