WooCommerce Product Table Import and Export

How to quickly import/export product tables to WordPress? In the age of e-commerce, this question is becoming more and more relevant, especially for web administrators of online stores. If you are creating a shop on localhost first, you may want to transfer your product table settings to the live site. In such cases, the export and import option will come in handy.

That’s why almost all plugins usually come with the built-in functionality to import and export the information. What’s even more, commonly this process takes a few minutes. If you are using the WooCommerce Product Table plugin for your shop, you’ll be glad to find out the transferring functionality is included in the plugin.  From this article, you’ll find out how to use the import/export option.

How to Use the Export Option? 

The export option is located above the list of the tables in the plugin’s menu. You can export one particular table or a group of tables. You just need to select the desired and then click the Export Selected button. In the pop-up, you need to set the path for saving the data. The tables are saved in SQL format. If you are exporting more than one table, they will be saved in one doc. 


How to Import a Table? 

The Import Tables button is located near the exportation option. To insert the table, you need to click the corresponding button, select the file from your computer and click the Import button. Please note, the plugin allows importing the data in the SQL format.



As you can see you can effortlessly import and export the data in the WooCommerce Product Table plugin in a few seconds.



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