Getting Started with WooCommerce Product Comparison Plugin

Let’s create our first comparison table together! We’ll walk you through all the steps from installation of plugin to  adding table to site’s content.


Step 1 – Product Comparison Woocommerce installation.

1. Navigate to Plugins -> Add new in your admin panel.

2. Press “Upload file” and choose plugin archive from folder.

3. Move to Plugins menu, find our plugin and click “Activate”.

Done! Now you’re ready to get acquainted with the functional of Product Comparison Woocommerce plugin.


Step 2 – Creating first Product comparison table.

As in your left panel appeared tab of Compare plugin, move there and click “Settings” menu.

We don’t stop on any special settings, cause you’d better read a detailed description about them in Main Settings article.

When you’ve finished, don’t forget to click “Save” button!

Step 3 – Adding comparison table into site content.

And here is a pleasant surprise – no need to do any special – Compare table will appear automatically.

Now go to a page with comparison table installed, and click on “Compare” button. Then, click on “Added” button to reveal the table itselves!

Congratulations – you’ve successfully finished with setting our Product Comparison plugin up!

Our example of Product Comparison Plugin on store page you can find here.



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