WooCommerce Product Comparison

Let your clients easily compare products to make better purchasing decisions without distracting from looking through the shop! Pleasant to eye comparison table appears in a pop-up on same page user currently is, and amply shows pros and cons of each product in an illustrative and clear way. With adding as many WooCommerce products as wanted, and an ability to manage features to be displayed, you are making online shopping as comfortable as it has never been before!


Free & Pro version

  • Easy-to-use Drag and Drop Builder
  • Preset Templates
  • Unlimited Amount of Products to add
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Hover Animation
  • Add and Delete Products in One Click
  • Table Placement Options
  • Manage Buttons Text Content
  • Automated WooCommerce features integration
  • Output As Options
  • Draggable PopUp Table
  • Specify Fields to Compare at


How do I get started?
 How to setup your Comparison Plugin?
 How can I translate a plugin?