Order Form

WooCommerce Product Table allows you to list the products as a Order form.

Comparing to the standard WooCommerce layout, Product Table has structured compact format with extra features.

Buyers can select a quantity and using multi select option, add all products directly to cart from the WooCommerce order form.

What are the benefits?

Using the product table, you can represent twice as many products into the same amount of space.

Moreover, table gives you possibility to add extra features: filters, search, sort, pagination and the ability to select which columns and product data to display in table.

You can also increase the size of the product images if you sell highly visual products that will benefit from big images.

The standard WooCommerce shop layout is good for buyers who like to browsing images and reading full descriptions before purchasing. Order form is more functional and compact. It allows you to choose multiple products from a table and instantly add to cart. For customers, who need to buy multiple items quickly, a WooCommerce order form is the better solution.