Searching, Sorting, Pagination

If your product table contains a large number of items, your customers will find anyway everything they are looking for in one click!

Because the WooCommerce Product Table comes with such features like Sorting, Searching, Pagination.


Product Table allows you to sort data rows on front-end and display data in an exact order you want. You can find control indicators in the top of the column. Coloured indicator show which column is currently sorted and arrow point the direction of this sorting: ascending or descending. Sorting works for any type of content – numbers, text, date.

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Settings. You have an option to select the column to sort by default. Works only with relevant columns enabled.

The default is the 1st column and “Ascending” order for the sorting. Enable the checkbox if you want to sort by descending.

sorting product table

You can even enable a Highlight Sorted Column option in the Appearance tab to make the sorting column more visible and convenient for viewing.

Auto-sorting descending. The default is the 1st column and “Ascending” order for the sorting. Enable the checkbox if you want to sort by descending.

Custom sorting. Enable the checkbox if you want to add a sort by drag-n-drop from the admin table preview to the frontend. To set the custom sorting, move to the Content tab, add the products to the table, and drop and drag them in the exact order you need:

Moreover, you can set the order for the product manually. You can easily replace the item to the necessary position. It is a more convenient way if the table contains a big number of products. Also, this is the only way to move the product to the next or previous page due to pagination.

The order will be saved in the way you set it and will display in a table.

Searching feature

Ability to filter and search a product table is one of the main options and you can add it with no coding, just enable a checkbox in the Feature Tab.

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The search box in Product table locates above the table (top right). Here the customers can instantly filter the table to products with a specific keyword or search term.

Searching Product Table


The feature is useful if you have hundreds of products in the table. Pagination splits the table into pages and minimizes table.

Providing fewer products to the customers on one page, they explore the page more attentively. Option speed up load time and optimize your online store, make it faster.

Everything you need to do is enable Pagination Feature that provides users with better navigation on a website and increasing the user experience.

Also, you can enable Server-side Processing feature – this option is recommended for a large table that cannot be processed in a conventional way. The table will be sequentially loaded by ajax on a per-page basis, all filtering, ordering and search clauses is server-side implemented too.


Enable Pagination menu if you’d like to show the drop-down list to select the number of products on the page for display.

If Pagination menu is enabled, in Pagination list content you can set the number of rows to display on one Pagination page. Establish several numbers separated by a comma to let users choose it personally. The first number will be displayed by default. Since that the number of Pagination Pages will be recounted also.
If Pagination menu is disabled, set the number of products to display on one Pagination page in Products per Page option.

WooCommerce Product Table Plugin has different settings and functionalities and makes its usage comfortable and easy. Thus, you can create Product tables understandable, easy for browsing, navigating and searching.

Enable Sorting, Searching Pagination features and your tables will be three times more accessible to the users.