WooCommerce Product Table comes with a Searching feature, that is displayed like a search box above the table. This allows your customers to instantly filter the table to products with a specific keyword or search term.

For example, we have typed the term “hoodie” in the search box. Like a result, the option has filtered the table to the 3 products which match that term:

 Searching feature,

You can enable the Searching option in the Settings/Features:

Search by letter


The other useful option is  Search by letter. It shows the alphabet for search by the first letter.

Also, Searching allows the user to input multiple words (space separated) and will match a row containing those words, even if not in the order that was specified.

 Searching to input multiple words

Searching Feature is a must-have option, with the help of which you can make the shopping on your website comfortable, easy for browsing and searching! Moreover,  working together with the Sorting feature, your tables will be twice more accessible to users.

Besides, the search option from the Product Table plugin has extremely useful functionality Accent neutraliling. It means that the search option will react to the symbol. For example, if you are writing é à ù è ö the search is made as if you are typing a u e o. The option is located in the Settings tab. 

Accent neutraliling

In some cases, to improve search results, it becomes necessary to exclude certain columns from the search.

This can be done by going to the settings of the column you need and activating the Disable search on this column checkbox.

Disable search on this column

Still, have questions? Read our detailed documentation or Contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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