WooCommerce Product Table has a sorting feature, so customers can click on a column heading and sort by that column.

You can sort by any table property: Name, SKU, Date, Price and other.

The table is sorted alphabetically and numerically. Sorting works for any type of content – numbers, text, date. You can find control indicators in the top of the column, coloured indicator show which column is currently sorted and arrow point the direction of this sorting: ascending or descending.

To enable the Frontend sorting option, move to the plugin Settings-> Features:

This is allow enable dynamic sorting with arrows. To use this option you must enable Header option

Frontend sorting


Auto-sorting. You have an option to select the column for sorting from the list. The table will be sorted by a selected property on the frontend. Select the column to sort by default.  (Works only with relevant columns enabled)

Auto-sorting descending. The default is the 1st column and “Ascending” order for the sorting. Enable the checkbox if you want to sort by descending.

Highlight Sorted Column

Also, you can enable a Highlight Sorted Column option in the Settings-> Appearance tab to make the sorting column more visible and convenient for viewing.

Highlight Sorted Column


Try this feature and make the product table more accessible to customers:

Blush Hoodie, $20HD-BH-SM-36-WB
Red T-Shirt, , , $10 $8TS-RD-SM-36-WB
Blue T-Shirt, $15 $9TS-BL-SM-38-WB
Gray Hoodie, $30 $25HD-GR-SM-36-WB

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