How to Filter WCFM Multiple Vendors’ Products?

Are you trying to build a shop similar to eBay, Etsy, or Amazon? Well, there are different plugins for WordPress that allow creating your online marketplace to sell your products just like a full-fledged professional marketplace. The main reason for the success of such big tech brands like eBay is the possibility to select multiple vendors on the website. It creates competition between vendors and allows people to choose products with multiple options.


WCFM plugin from WC lovers is an all-in-one free multi-vendor WooCommerce plugin that is a great solution for the virtual market. The plugin includes all the required features related to the expansion, creation, and operation of your trading platform. It’s time to forget the pain of developing with a tedious backend for vendors. 


In a combination with the WooCommerce Product Table plugin, you’ll get the power to build a stunning product marketplace. So let’s find out how to enable the WCFM plugin support in the Product Table plugin. 

Step 1

The very first step is to install the WCFM plugin. To do so, you can move to the Plugins menu in your Dashboard, click Add New, and install the plugin. To get acquainted with the full process of installation, you need to check the WCFM documentation. 


Step 2

After the installation process is done and all the settings are completed, you can now proceed to your product table. Move to the Settings >> Features path and toggle the Show products by vendor option. When you turn it on, on the vendor page, the product table will display the particular vendor’s products. 



That’s pretty much it. Now you can check how it works on the live page.

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