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WooCommerce Product Table gives you full control over the data displayed in the table. You can set the product list, select columns to display, customize a table design.

Table Properties

Product Table allows building a table according to your needs, adding the table columns, and add any product data.

The product table plugin fully supports:

woocommerce product table content

  1. Thumbnails
  2. Name
  3. Featured
  4. SKU
  5. Categories
  6. Attributes
  7. Summary
  8. Rating
  9. Stock status
  10. Date
  11. Price
  12. Buy
  13. Short description
  14. Sales
  16. Sale Price dates
  17. Product link
  18. Tags
  19. Custom fields

 and you can display each type as a separate column in the product table.

ThumbnailNameProduct linkPriceSummaryCategoriesDateRatingAttributesSKUSalesSale price datesStock statusShort descriptionFeaturedBuy
WooBeWoo top$15This is the product short description., , ,
2019-03-26 12:29
5.00 out of 5
Size: XL, XXL
Color: Blue, Gray
Sleeve: Long, Short
TS-GR-SS-36-WB-1In stockCool T-Shirt

You have the ability to make your custom headings for any column in the table if you press an edit icon and change a title. If you don’t set one then the default heading will be used. 

Table Columns

Table elements

To make a table attractive and more informative, you can to use a Header or Footer, add the text content for Table Elements:

  • Caption
  • Caption Text
  • Description
  • Signature

Product table example


Also, you can set the size of the product images in the table in the dropbox list you require. The default image size is 150*150. You can use any standard image size (e.g. thumbnail, medium, large, etc).

size of the product images

The Thumbnail size option controls the size of the image column if you have included this column in your product table.

For example, here we tried 150×150, 250×250 and 300×300 Thumbnail size. 

Size thumbnail example

As you see, you have a great ability to add all the necessary options to display products and goods on the store website and satisfy even very exacting customers. Here you can look at the examples of product tables which has been built using WooCommerce Product Table by Woobewoo.

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