Product Table Filters by any parameter

 Filters by any parameter

WooCommerce Product Table plugin fully supports product attributes, tags, and categories. You can display them as a separate column in the product table.
But the main thing is that the Product Table has the built-in filters for category, tags, attributes, custom taxonomy, and price, which can be added like a drop-down menu above the table.
You can enable these options in the product table and allow customers filtering the products they’re looking for:

Enable filter and select the parameters that will be sorted.

You can display every parameter as a separate filter. Category filter works for all categories which were been added to the products.

Hide searching parameters from a table – if you don’t want to show attributes, tags, categories in a table as a column, you can hide them using this option, but still using the filter to search by.Category Filter

If you will add parameters as columns manually, it will not be hidden even is “Hide searching attributes from a table” is enabled.

Search for a specific attribute – Results includes all products where the attribute exactly matches the search criteria, f.e:

Search for a specific attribute

The custom taxonomy filter feature allows you to categorize information based on custom taxonomy created with a help Advanced Custom Fields and Custom Post Type UI.

The price filter works only with the enabled price column. here you can set range – for manually settings press the “Setup” button and customize your price range settings. You may increase or decrease the number of steps and set different values for each step. Also, you can set the minimum and maximum price.

Example of product table with Attributes and categories filters:


ThumbnailNameSummaryStock statusPricecolAttrHidecolAttrHidecolAttrHidecolAttrHide
WooBeWoo hoodieThis is the product short description.In stock$18Gray, GreenM, S, XXL, , gray, green, grey, HOODIE, SALE
Black hoodieThis is the product short description.In stock $12BlackL, S, , HOODIE
Gray hoodieThis is the product short description.In stock $12GrayL, M, S, XL, , grey, PRINT, SALE, T-SHIRT
Blush HoodieThis is the product short description.In stock$20BlushM, S, XL, XS, blush, HOODIE, pink, PRINT
Red T-ShirtThis is the product short description.Out of stock $8RedL, M, XL, , , PRINT, red, SALE, T-SHIRT
Blue HoodieThis is the product short description.In stock $20BlueM, XL, XS, ,
Gray HoodieThis is the product short description.In stock $25GrayM, S, XL, XS, XXL, XXXL, gray, HOODIE, PRINT
Black HoodieThis is the product short description.In stock$20BlackM, S, XLblack, HOODIE, PRINT
Red HoodieThis is the product short description.In stock$20RedL, M, XL, XS, XXLHOODIE, PRINT, red
Filter: Reset
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With filters for your customers and full control for you, this is a must-have Product plugin for any WooCommerce online store.

Customers can filter by attributes, tags, price, categories, and find exactly what they’re searching for! Setup is fast and easy, and you can use the friendly live builder to customize the Product table in the best way.

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