Filter for attributes and categories

Filter by category and attribute

WooCommerce Product Table plugin fully supports product attributes and categories. You can display them as a separate column in the product table by Filter.
But the main thing is that Product Table has the built-in filters for category and attributes, which can be added like a drop-down menu above the table.
You can enable these options in the product table and allow customers filtering the products they’re looking for:

Enable attribute filter and select the attribute that will be sorted: Size, Color or any custom attribute. You can display every attribute as a separate filter. Category filter works for all categories which were been added to the products, e.g. gender, type of product, clearance etc.

Also, WooCommerce Product Table plugin will display the hierarchy of categories in the dropdown list.

Category filter hierarchy

Example of product table with Attributes and categories filters:


With filters for your customers and full control for you, this is a must-have Product plugin for any WordPress and WooCommerce online store owner. Customers can filter by attributes and all categories and find exactly what they’re searching for! Setup is fast and easy, and you can use the friendly live builder to customize the Product table in the best way.