Create a Product Table with WooCommerce Top Products

April 29, 2020

Do you sell any products using the online store? Of course, you have products that are sold more often than others. These are general market mechanisms where demand is never the same.

What does this mean for business and for your business in particular? The bad idea:to hide the most popular products somewhere on the site or mix them together with the rest products. The best idea: to put the best-selling products on public display and increase sales even more. You can literally implement a positive scenario right now without much effort.

All you need is a WooCommerce Product Table plugin for WordPress.

What is a Product Table plugin

This is a simple and convenient tool for an online store that runs on WooCommerce. It allows you to create a selection of products from the general catalog of offers and show it, for example, on the main page. You show visitors what you need to present them first. What’s more, you provide them the opportunity to simplify the search procedure to a minimum.

Check the Product Table Demo to see how the competed table looks. All functions are intuitive and understandable, and this is a great advantage from the point of maintaining customer interest in your offers.

How to create top products list using WooCommerce Product Table plugin for WordPress

By the way, the design of the table can be customized in accordance with the needs of the corporate identity of the online store. The text size, font type, color scheme, buttons, and visual representation of each table element are variable.

Ways to display top products

Let’s get back to the most important thing. You can add a lot of attributes to the products in the table, which will help customers to sort the content according to the interested parameters.

There are two ways to present products in accordance with their popularity.

Method 1

The first idea is to create a separate product table that contains all the popular items. You follow the store’s sales, draw conclusions, select the necessary products manually and add their new table. It is easy to do.

How to create top products list using WooCommerce Product Table plugin for WordPress

Add a ready-made new table to the main page, and so you can make sales of the most demanded product positions grow.

Method 2

The plugin also has basic attributes that you can manipulate in order to create top lists.

WooCommerce integration allows you to collect statistics on sales of goods. You can add the Sales parameter to the table and the user will be able to sort everything by displaying the top-selling products on top. The number of sales is a clear indicator of popularity.

Besides, users can rate the purchased product. If you add sorting by Rating, then buyers will be able to display the highest rated positions on top of the table. Rating is another important factor concerning popularity.

In general, the plugin allows you to create any attribute for sorting. Do you need “popularity”? Create it and display it in the best position when someone sorts these product items.

How to create top products list using WooCommerce Product Table plugin for WordPress

Other ways to use the Product Table plugin

The categorization system allows you to sort the product range of the online store in different ways. This means that sorting is possible not only by the popularity parameter. This plugin allows you to implement any commercial scenario when creating a product table.

In conclusion, we would like to show you some practical examples.

  1. You  make a season sale of goods in the online clothing store. In order to do this, you need to create a separate table for the main page of the site and place all the discounted items there to show visitors at first. You can also add discounts and allow potential buyers to sort goods with a reduced price from the total number of clothing items.
  2. Do you want to show a new collection of products to all new visitors? The table may contain a special attribute with the date the product was added. The user will see all the new items first in just one click!

This list can be continued. We hope that the WooCommerce Product Table plugin for WordPress will be useful to you!

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