E-commerce marketing trends for 2019

December 25, 2018


WooCommerce is one of the of the most popular and easy-to-use eCommerce platforms available on the market today. So, if you dream about the new online store where to start it, you’ve already known. But there is no sufficient to be successful. Besides the good technical platform, you need to have a strong understanding of marketing trends. Are you thinking about the future holds for your eCommerce website? In this article, we will discuss the future marketing trends likely to help your business to have a good profit.

#1 Voice search

Voice assistants are becoming more and more popular. In September 2014, Andrew Ng, CEO of Baidu, said that “in five years time at least 50 percent of all searches are going to be either through images or speech”.

There are two main factors that could be driving this trend’s growth:

  • Almost all devices are voice-enabled
  • Voice search is easy to use.

Today, voice technology we have already used not only via mobile but also at home, at work and at go.

voice technologies

Text input vs Voice input


#2 Personalization

It is not a secret that all businesses are going personal. Customers are becoming more demanding because of a range variety of choices. The last statistics show incredible results:

  • 43% of consumers prefer companies that personalize their experience
  • 41% of consumers switched companies over poor personalization
  • 48% of consumers spend more when their experience is personalized
  • 74% of people hate being shown irrelevant content.

Gartner, the research company, predicts that those stores who implement a good personalization strategy will have a 15% profit boost by 2020.

#3 Multi-channels

Multi-channels is all about developing an integrated digital marketing strategy. It is not something new.

Look at the picture below. We put different marketing techniques across paid and free channels across the customer lifecycle.


Marketing technologies


#4 Virtual reality for Product visualization

Virtual Reality related to one of the hottest topics in the modern world. It has different directions for the implementation, especially in the e-commerce industry as a smart shopping.

For example, IKEA has developed an app, that enables to walk around a real size, make-believe 3D home and interact with objects in order to choose the furniture color and model. See how it works!

NIKE also make a step towards the Augmented reality world to start selling sneakers in limited edition. They developed an app called Snkrs. It uses both location-based alerts and augmented reality.

#5 AI and Smart chatbots

The leading companies as MasterCard, Spotify are started to testing smart chatbots to facilitate transactions and solve customers’ issues.

Take a look on these projects for the e-commerce:

  • Conversica is a platform for boosting conversions using AI algorithms
  • IBM Watsons is developing a number of AI solutions for enterprises
  • Wise Athena predicts prices using AI.


attention-grey Attention attention-grey

Search the ways to implement Voice search, VR, AI,  improve personalization experience, and develop an integrated marketing strategy



So, there were the main trends in promotions. Try to implement them. And if you are running an online store on the WordPress, bravely use the WooBeWoo plugins.

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