Filtering on Mobile Devices

June 23, 2022

In our rapidly developing world, the majority of almost all online actions are performed on mobile devices. That is why it is important to ensure that your brand’s mobile offering works well. 

Very often, mobile shoppers just abandon their search if they can’t find the needed goods to the filters are too hard to work with. Effective filtering is a critical on-site feature for customers while they are looking for the products.  Let’s take a look at some of the most common mobile filtering tips to increase the user experience. 

Overloaded Mobile Filtering Menus

On most responsive mobile the filtering menu appears as a drop-down menu. With the WooCommerce Product Filter plugin, you can add the Hide Filters button, so that the filters will be hidden automatically when the screen resolution is changed. Hide button

In case, there are many filtration parameters, you can create two similar filters, but with a different appearance for mobile devices. Since all filtering options can’t be shown on the screen at once, customers need to scroll up and down. So you can work on font size and make buttons a bit smaller in order not to overwhelm the mobile screen.

So, if you decide on such a method, the Product Filter plugin has the functionality to hide the filter on devices so that you can showcase different filters on the desired screen without any difficulties.

Important Filters not Easily Found

Usually, customers do not reach useful filters because they are hidden at the bottom of a long menu. Filters at the top of the menu are the most used ones. This can cause a customer who was on the right path to finding a product to be hindered by the low discoverability of important filters. The solution provided by the WooCommerce Product Filter plugin is very simple – you can put the filters into the close dropdown so that the needed filter can be opened by users only if needed. Collapse dropdown

Keep Filters Visible and Easy To Change

Making the filtering menu floating would help customers to access it at any point in their journey. This can save them the hassle of scrolling to the top of the page to double-check what they’re filtering by or to add or remove any other filters.

That can be easily implemented with the Product Filter plugin. Go to the settings page, enable the Hide Filter option and turn on the Floating Button. You can find out more from the detailed documentation. Floating button

Show Only Relevant Filters and Hide Less Important 

Due to the small real-estate of the phone screen, it is best to display only the filters relevant to the content on the page. If there are no relevant filters, don’t display them at all. That can be done in the setting of each filter. If you hide less important filters on mobile, you’ll help users perform a more focused search by using only the filters they want. Relevant

The Bottom Line 

It’s a mistake not to check if filters work and look great on different devices before launching an online shop. it may seem like a small and insignificant part, but many customers usually go shopping online using mobile devices, that’s why if there is a mess with filters on mobile, the visitors won’t spend time checking the work on the computer. They just leave. It’s the filters that provide a seamless shopping experience.  And with the WooCommerce Product Filter plugin, you can access mobile customization settings as well as for desktop.

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