How to create a FAQ page for the online store

March 14, 2019

How to create a FAQ page for the online store

Are you want to give more useful information about your product to the customers? Or you want to improve the relations with users? Or just reduce the amount of work of the Customer Service department? Ok, FAQ page might just do a magic trick in all these cases, but with one condition: you create it correctly. What does it mean? Read below.

Why do you need a FAQ page

A lot of marketers think that FAQ page is something unimportant and unnecessary, so, consider it an afterthought. The truth is that FAQ page can not only improve the conversions but also cut some costs. Here are some reasons:

  • You publish the most popular questions, as such, frees up time for your customer service department workers
  • You extend the knowledge about your products, so users can simple to know more about your company and business
  • FAQ page is considered as a high-information resource by the search engine, so you can improve SEO.


We divide all the FAQ page creating a process by simple 4 steps, and describe in the next sections.

Step 1: Create the initial list of common support questions

First of all, we recommend you not to coming up with questions but better asking your support team. You can view and filter existing support conversation for recurring questions and issues. Especially focus on the short and more generic question, that will be more popular in searches.

More generic vs More specific questions

More generic vs More specific questions

Step 2: Write them correctly

What we mean by ‘write them correctly’? So, you need to follow these simple rules:

  • Write from the customer’s perspective (e.g. How can I activate a promocode, not How to activate a promocode)
  • Keep all questions very short and simple
  • Add the contact information at the end of the page
  • Use a positive tone (even when the questions related to the problems, try to answer them with humor. Look at the example below).

Cah store FAQ page

Cah store FAQ page

Step 3: Structure your FAQs

Structuring saves time. So, it is important to organize all your questions in the way customers can easily navigate and skim through numerous sections and issues. The most basic level is to narrow down the number of questions to 6-10 and create a list like on the example below.

Popular questions

Popular questions

But if you have 20 or more questions, we advise to group and categorize them.


Netflix Help Center

Step 4: Update your FAQ page

Publishing a FAQ page is just a beginning. You need to always keep it an eye, and update with new, fresh information. How? Return to Step 1: ask the Customer department for help. They exactly know if the published questions are performing against your conversation/ticket volume and are still relevant.


So, the last point – make the FAQ page discoverable. It can be the part of the Customer page or the separate page. Also, it is not a bad idea to integrate the FAQ page directly into your product page. After all, this is a customer service touchpoint, so, feel free to experiment and test.

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