How to Create WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugin

April 29, 2020

What determines the success of an online  which offers its services to buyers/guests? There are many factors, and each of them is important in its own way. Success is determined by a combination of advantages: a visually attractive site, fast delivery, favorable order conditions, delicious food, after all. Of course, don’t forget about usability.  Everything should be as perfect as possible in this case. If the buyer stops and thinks about the order at least 1-2  times along the way from the main screen, to the final order button, then he will most likely leave the site.

Why does it happen like this? The demands of the average customer of online stores in general have sharply risen, and the new potential clients are not ready to order anything even  if there are any hitches and a slight  discomfort. In big cities, there are too many competitors. A lot of them offer well-cooked and attractive food. You need to fight for attention in all available ways in this niche. The user experience should be perfect. This is an important key to the success of an online restaurant.

One of the key usability  points is a convenient, comprehensive,and informative presentation of the menu. (Product Table WordPress plugin is the perfect solution to cope with the above-mentioned issue.)  However, let’s have a look at the whole problem first.

Menu page as the basis for the perfect user experience

So, the key to this statement is the menu page. It should be clear, understandable, and  have all the tools for selecting and ordering food and drinks. The menu compiler needs to calculate all the user behavior models so that the person completes the order.

Mind the following important things: attractive food photos, clear descriptions, order button, technical serviceability of all functional elements of the page.

 A crucially important thing: visual presentation of the menu according to the specified parameters.

Sorting tools are a clickable list of categories and search strings.  You can see an example is below.

Restaurant menu plugin helps to create product tables

It’s time to move on to the terms of convenience. Is the person a vegetarian? Let’s show him all the vegetarian dishes of the restaurant.  Perhaps he interested in fish dishes? Let him see snacks, salads, soups, and main dishes with fish ingredients.  You can also show him all the dishes with tomatoes

Special sorting plugins will help to cope with these issues.

Sorting plugins that help to create a menu page

The idea is simple. You need to customize the restaurant menu page according to the specified parameters. Plugins are characterized by a fairly simple integration with WooCommerce, and this allows you to  show an assortment with all product categories and attributes quickly. It is all about images, descriptions, prices, and so on.

Offline Restaurant Plugin

By the way, there are two options for presenting the menu. At first, we were speaking about online delivery. However, there are also offline restaurants and cafes that have websites. They only need a static menu in a convenient readable format. Sorting by categories is a convenient tool fоr adding.

The example can look as follows.

Restaurant menu plugin helps to create product tables

Filter by a category, search string, lines with graphic and text information about dishes, and nothing more. Such a plugin has to contain any number of items from the menu. The plugins of this type (that are available today) can be used not only for the menu but also for the storefront of any store in principle.

However, we need more than just a list of dishes. Therefore, we consider the option with online delivery in more detail.

Restaurant plugin with online order

Check the solution that allows you to connect an online ordering system to the menu: WooCommerce Product Table plugin. Initially, you need to have WooCommerce configured on your WordPress site with food and drinks that are added as products. This allows you to integrate data into the plugin for further work on creating an online order menu.

The user can choose product categories to display.

Restaurant menu plugin helps to create product tables

There is also a flexible visual setting for all elements of the table. You can change the text size, fonts, photo size, visual representation of the order button, and the color palette  in general. This means that the interactive menu can be customized in accordance with the corporate design of the restaurant (and its website).

All data can be edited within the plugin. There are no restrictions on the number of categories and positions from the menu. For example, you can place 5 categories (snacks, salads, main dishes, desserts, and drinks). The user will be able to sort them to see certain dishes according to the category: all drinks available here as an option. If the person wants to see the drinks cheaper than $5, he will only have to click on the price sorting option.

You can also give the user an opportunity to collect the ingredients for pizza in a few clicks. A person gets exactly the dish he wants, and it takes only a few seconds without having to talk to the operator on the phone.

The number of such combinations is limited only by your needs, and online clients will only be grateful to you for such opportunities.


Just look at these plugins to realize that they have some important advantages:

  • Encourage the site visitor to visit the restaurant offline;
  • Increase the chance of ordering food delivery online.

The developers emphasized simplicity and visibility. This is important for motivating a “hungry” guest. These WordPress restaurant menu plugins take the compilation of a restaurant or cafe menu page to a new level of information perception convenience. You’ll receive an additional advantage over less efficient competitors.

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