How to find trending goods to sell online

March 21, 2019

How to find trending goods to sell online

There are a lot of different products you can sell online. But which one to choose? How to find your niche? Firstly, it may sound easy, but, believe us, many entrepreneurs get stuck with it. So, in this article, we tried to collect all the ways that can help you to find trending products to sell online. And even if you’ve already had a successful online store, we sure, that you can find some interesting ideas to extend your assortment. Ready to get started? Read on.

Google trends

Google trends is one of the most popular tools that marketer and entrepreneurs use to follow the trends. It shows how the searched keyword is popular based on a total search volume. Users can look up data from as far back as 2004. Moreover, Google trends also displays the regions, countries, and cities where the product is the most popular.

google trends

Google Trends

But be attention! Google trends doesn’t show the number of requests, instead, it displays:

“Numbers represent search interest relative to the highest point on the chart for the given region and time. A value of 100 is the peak popularity for the term. A value of 50 means that the term is half as popular. A score of 0 means there was not enough data for this term”

Trend Hunter

Trend Hunter is a platform that lists the trends for different industries:

  • Fashion
  • Tech
  • Life
  • Culture
  • Design
  • Ads, etc.

Unlike Google trends, it doesn’t show the statistics by countries or regions. In spite of this, Trend Hunter is a great source of inspiration, viral news, and pop culture.

trend hunter

Trend Hunter

Online marketplaces

Exploring products that are popular on the top marketplaces can become your secret weapon in a trend hunting. Start from these sites:

Commonly, all products are sorted by the categories as on example below.


eBay top selling products

Trend Publications

If you want to be in trend and know exactly which industries are upwards, we recommend you to subscribe on trend publications. Of course, they do not give you direct product ideas, instead, they can help you understand consumers’ buying patterns.

Search for influencers

Influencers is also a good way to find trending products early in the game. Find those that your target audience is paying attention to. Then, you should analyze what kind of products they are advertising and using. Also, notice with which brands they are working. It will help you to understand what products are in trend among your target customers.


So, finding trending products to sell online is an interesting and long-term process, which involves the knowledge in the economic, psychological and statistical fields.

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