How to use WooCommerce Product Table with Elementor

September 8, 2020

We all live in a world of information and technical progress. Thanks to Product Table and Elementor, people have learned to organize information. Sometimes it is necessary to add a table to your store as it is a great solution for displaying products more efficiently and systematically. But is it possible to add responsive tables to an editable page in Elementor? I can please you – yes. If you have a WordPress website, I would like to offer you a great solution – the Elementor Shortcode widget to create tables and insert them directly into the page builder.

In this post, we’ll show you how to use Elementor and Product Table together to improve your WordPress website setup and increase sales for your WooCommerce store.

How to use WooCommerce Product Table with Elementor

How does it work?

WordPress makes it easy to create a website and get it up and running quickly. WooCommerce turns any WordPress website into a fully functional online store. Well, the Product Table from WooBeWoo will display products as efficiently as possible, and the Elementor will correctly arrange everything on any page of your website.

WooCommerce Product Table plugin displays store products in a table with search and sort functionality. It’s perfect for wholesale stores, bulk order forms, list view of all items, restaurant orders, and more. Bulk purchase of WooCommerce products becomes possible directly from a search and sortable table.

Elementor and WooCommerce Product Table work great together and provide very different features. When combined, you can use them to achieve very useful effects that will increase the sales of your WooCommerce store.

When it comes to using these two plugins together, there is no limit – these are just a few of the options. With a little experimentation, you can assemble all types of pages using the same basic process that we will now demonstrate below.

How to use WooCommerce Product Table with Elementor Page Builder

  •   Let’s start with the simplest and most useful point. First, of course, you need to make sure both plugins are installed on your website. Fortunately, installing Elementor and setting up a WooCommerce Product Table is quick and painless. You will also need to install and activate WooCommerce itself. Then, you are ready to get started.
  •   Secondly, we need to create a table of products. For this go to the product table plugin and create your product table. It’s very simple, but even if you get stuck check out our detailed documentation on creating a table and setting all options.

setting all options

  •   Next, just copy the table shortcode and go to the edited page using Elementor. If you just want to use the product table on your Elementor website, you can add it to the widget so that it appears in the front-end. To do this, open any page or post and make sure you are using the Elementor editor. If you see the traditional WordPress interface, click the Edit with the Elementor button to switch.

Edit with the Elementor

  •   Few words about the Elementor interface. On the right, you’ll see a large space that will display your content, updated in real-time as you add and edit it. On the left is a list of “widgets” that you can drag into this area, and then rearrange and customize as you see fit:
  •   You can add a product table to different Elementor widgets. However, if you just want to display one product table on the page, you can do so using the main text widget. Thus, take the text editor widget and drag it to an empty spot:

elementor tab

  •   Then you can click inside the widget to remove the default text and enter any content you like. As for the product table itself, add it by putting this simple shortcode:
    Red T-ShirtThis is the product short description.$10 $8Size: L, M, XL
    Color: Red
    Out of stock
    White T-ShirtThis is the product short description.$10 $7Size: M, S, XS
    Color: White

    Gray T-ShirtThis is the product short description.$15 $9Size: XL, XXL
    Customizable: '-'
    Color: Gray

    Blue T-ShirtThis is the product short description.$15 $9Size: L, M, S, XL, XS, XXL, XXXL
    Color: Blue

    Black HoodieThis is the product short description.$20Size: M, S, XL
    Color: Black

    Red HoodieThis is the product short description.$20Size: L, M, XL, XS, XXL
    Color: Red

    Filter: Reset
    Wherever you place the shortcode on the page, the table will be displayed there, which you can check by checking it in the frontend:

Add product table

  •   If you only want to use the element for the code itself, you can also use the Shortcode widget. In exactly the same way, drag the widget to the desired place and insert your table shortcode there.
  •   Regardless of where you decide to place the table, remember to save the page when it’s gonna be ready.


Cool, right? As you can see everything is very simple and easy to set up.


Nowadays you can hardly meet a person using WordPress who has not heard of Elementor. This is a really very cool page builder, which takes a high place in the ratings of builders, and as we can see, for a reason.

What about WooBeWoo? It’s not a secret that the WooCommerce plugin is not ideal in displaying products, due to the lack of the ability to dynamically display all product parameters, the conversion rate is getting lower and lower. That’s why you need the WooBeWoo Product Tables plugin to give your client the most comfortable conditions. Filtering, searching, and sorting will help them find the exact product they need. Description, rating, and the number of sales will form the credibility of the seller. And a huge number of options, which you can find in more detail on our website.

Well, when these two plugins work together, it’s incredible. By using these plugins, you get the best way to showcase your products, ideally user-friendly and pleasing to the eye. Fortunately, this is easy to achieve using the WooCommerce Product Table plugin in conjunction with Elementor. By adding a product table shortcode to certain types of widgets, you can show everything your website has to offer most effectively.

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