Product Filter Accordion – how and when to use?

September 23, 2020

Buying and installing a Product Filter is definitely a big step towards successful filtering products by your users because now they can find the products they need more accurately according to their preferences.

But this is not the only thing you can do to make your product search easier.

It’s like buying a Ford Mustang but not customizing the options for the car, and then complaining, “Why I’m not the fastest in the area.”

After all, there are many customizable little things thanks to which your filter, like a sports car, will become even more effective and more organically fit into your store if you customize every little thing, every option, and opportunity for the direction of your store. Accordingly, your store will become more successful and the conversion rate will rush up.

Conversion rate

But let’s leave the allegories to philosophers and move on to the topic of our article.

Today we will speculate about such a concept as Product Filter Accordion, we will tell you how to create it and will figure out why it is so important to be considered while building a product filter.

So, let’s start

 What is it – Product Filter Accordion with the WooBeWoo plugin?

 This is essentially the same WooCommerce product filter, but each filter element is rolled by default and appears only after clicking on the drop-down list icon or title.

This is very convenient, especially for displaying large filters or filtering on mobile devices.

By using the WooCommerce Product Filter by WoobeWoo, you will have a significant advantage over the classic filtering view.

Today there are practically no plugins on the WordPress market that provide such a simple Product Filter Accordion customization because what you need to do is just click on the option and you do not need to apply any code.

You can install the Accordion for mobile devices, or desktop, or for all devices at once, and also configure how it will be reflected when the page is first loaded in the opened or closed position.

Product Filter Accordion

When should you display an Accordion filter?

 Of course, this method is appropriate, but is it always like that? Let’s figure out why users are looking for filters with the Accordion feature so often.

Below we have provided the advantages of using this method:

  •   Saved space. This is the first reason why store owners choose filter plugins with an accordion display. Indeed, often a large number of elements and filtering parameters stretch your store and take up a huge amount of space.
  •   Keeping the attention of customers. Often when the store has many categories, attributes, etc. the client, looking at the filter, is lost and is simply afraid to use it (since it will take a certain amount of time to figure it out), and without finding the product can leave your store.
  •   Ability to filter comfortably even on mobile devices. Modern commerce means that 75% of customers use a smartphone when shopping on the Internet. Therefore, adaptability on different devices with the help of the WooBeWoo product filter Accordion will add some comfort to all your customers.
  •   Ability to display filters opened and closed at the same time. In WooCommerce Product Filter you can customize each of the displayed elements and decide if it needs to be seen as an Accordion. For example, you don’t want to hide the “text search”, but you want to hide the categories without using the drop-down list.

advantages accordion

When you should not display a filter this way?

As we already wrote above, this method can be used often, but it is better not to overdo it. It’s great that each of the elements is customizable and you can perfectly match the settings for each of the filters.

But still, let’s study what difficulties you may face using this display method, and they are very similar to the pluses here since everything directly depends on the specific case:

  •   Invisible filter. There is a very thin line between a neat-looking filter and an inconspicuous one. It is important to understand that you should not hide the filter when it is already small, you will only add difficulties for the client and wasted time for its opening.
  •   Lack of information content. First of all, the filter is designed to quickly deliver a potential customer from the main page to the cart with the goods he needs. But when a client sees that all filters are hidden, he may not even suspect that the category of products he needs is hidden behind the drop-down filter.
  •   Waste of the client’s time. There is absolutely no need to make all your filters drop-down (not to be confused with drop-down lists), because, as we have already written above, the client should choose an online store based on saving his time and increasing his comfort. But opening all filters, like a long queue, can force customers to leave your store.

  Invisible filter

How to create Product Filter Accordion by WooBeWoo?

 When you use WooCommerce Product Filter by WooBeWoo, absolutely any customization becomes a pleasure of ease of customization.

After all, the most difficult thing that you have to do is to decide which filters to display in the form of an accordion, and this is very important, as you may have noticed in the previous two paragraphs of the article.

So, you have installed and activated the WooCommerce Product Filter plugin by WooBeWoo, then:

  •   Click “Create filter”, or “edit an existing one”.
  •   Add all the filtering elements you need, such as text search, filters by category, attribute, price, and others.
  •   Next, open the drop-down list with options for the required filters.
  •   In the “Show title label” field, select individually displayed on mobile and high-resolution devices.

desktop (No; Yes, show as close; Yes show as opened)

mobile (No; Yes, show as close; Yes show as opened

create Product Filter

Then you need to look at your store and product filter, and imagine that you are logged in as a customer and ask yourself a question:

“Do I feel comfortable?” And based on your answer continue or not customizing specific options individually for your style and store concept.


 As you can see, there is no definite answer, whether Accordion is worth using or not for displaying the product filter. It is up to you.

After all, as we found out today, the Accordion is a convenient way to display, but under certain circumstances. So, improve your store, examine your customers, follow our advice, and the conversion will not keep you waiting.

One thing we can guarantee for sure, with Product Filter Accordion by WooBeWoo, setting options will not be difficult, all settings are changed with a few clicks, and the efficiency of filtering and search will make your customers leave your store satisfied and with full shopping carts.

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