Product Filter Compatibility with Elementor

July 8, 2020

We are glad to present you a new feature – full compatibility of Product Filter plugin with Elementor.

Previously, you could already integrate the shortcode of the filter you created into the Elementor widget. But now you can: create, customize and give a stylish look to Product Filter right in the builder!

Elementor – what is it?

Today it’s hard to meet someone working with WordPress who wouldn’t hear about this plugin. Elementor is the most popular page designer at the moment with much greater capabilities for creating theme templates and other marketing tools in a simplified form, which includes dragging widgets into columns and sections to create a page or template. Many WooCommerce users started using it for various reasons, including as a way to design a product page, create custom archive pages, quickly deploy landing pages, and much more.
Compatibility with Elementor

What does the WooCommerce Product Filter have to do with this?

Nowadays the ability to filter posts and products is essential for any website that seeks to be successful. WordPress has a built-in filtering option, but it lags what it offers compared to the WooCommerce Product Filter. The more products and posts you have on your website, the more difficult it becomes to view all of them.

Imagine you are browsing a catalog of clothes in an online store to find a cheap white hoodie. It would be disappointing if you had to look through each list individually, only to find out that the store does not have such a color, or that the product has poor reviews, or is too expensive. However, with the advantages of Product Filter, you can filter by any parameter and find exactly what you need.

Product Filter

Product Filter and Elementor Compatibility

WooCommerce Product Filter is one of the few WordPress plugins that are fully compatible with Elementor. With the help of their collaboration, you can not only add already created filters to your page but also create new filters directly in the Builder. Moreover, all the functions of the WooBeWoo product filter will also be available directly on the Elementor tab.

We have done everything so that you can use this advantage without any special knowledge.

The first step is to install the plugin. Download it from the official website. You can try the trial version or buy the full one. After you have installed and activated the plugins Elementor and WooCommerce Product Filter from WooBeWoo you can start creating a filter directly in the Elementor.

Now when creating a page using Elementor in the Woocommerce tab, you will see the WooFilter widget. To use it, you just need to drag it to a place convenient for you and begin to configure it.

Product Filter and Elementor Compatibility

It’s very convenient that here you can choose both an already created filter and create a new one directly in the builder and fully customize it.

After that, you will see the familiar tabs with the WooCommerce Product Filter options. The interface is conveniently divided into 3 tabs: Filters, Options, Design.

 Filters.  In this tab you can add the filters you need and configure them, choose by what parameters users can filter products, and also configure the way they are displayed on different devices, decide how the drop-down lists will look, and also exclude specific categories or attributes from search results.

With our plugin, you can filter by any product parameter, such as:

  • Price
  • Price range
  • Sort by
  • Categories
  • Tags
  • Author
  • Featured
  • On sale
  • In Stock,
  • In Stock, Out of Stock, On Backorder
  • Rating
  • Search by text
  • Attribute

Product Filter and Elementor Compatibility

Options.  Here you can control and change the functions of your filter, giving its interface a convenient and unique style. The options tab has four sections so that you can quickly and conveniently find and configure the option you need:

  •   Main
  •   Buttons
  •   Content
  •   Loader

Product Filter and Elementor Compatibility

Design. Now you can play a little with the design by clicking on this tab and editing it. Go to advanced settings and try different borders, background, and more.

Improve your filter, manage options, give a unique design to each element, so that in the end it gives you a unique look on the page of your store.

Product Filter and Elementor Compatibility

Why us?

  • The most important and unique advantage is that you can create a Product Filter directly in the Elementor.
  • You can also manage options, give a custom design to its interface without leaving the builder page.
  • In this case, you will have access to absolutely all the same options as in the classic filter editor.
  • You can also use Product Filter and Elementor compatibility, even if you are not an Elementor Pro user. WooFIlter widget will work even in the free version of Elementor.
  • If you do not want your visitors and customers to wait this way, the Product Filter by WooBeWoo plugin is exactly what you need. This plugin uses the AJAX method, which allows you to load filtered products or messages without having to reload and refresh the page every time you apply a new filter.
  • Product Filter has 13 different filter types to choose from, which allows you to choose the perfect filter type for you, as well as combine them.
  • Its integration with Elementor is especially desirable, as it adds new widgets to the editor window, and after the initial setup, it becomes super fast and easy to use filters.
  • Keep track of all changes while editing in Live Preview.


Already want to start?

We understand that because it is a real pleasure to use these two plugins together. Indeed, the wide functionality that comes with Product Filter by WooBeWoo, as well as the convenience and simplicity of creating pages with Elementor, surprise even individually.

Now imagine how you can effectively build your store, create and configure product filters for any parameter, without being distracted by any additional things.

After all, all you need is just to click “Create Filter” in the Elementor editor.

And remember that providing the ability to filter messages and products on your website is important. A good filter will allow your customers to find the exact publication or product they are looking for as quickly as possible, saving time, improving perception and, therefore, increasing conversion through direct access to products.

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