Steps to Increase Online Sales

March 8, 2022

The main goal of every online shop is to drive traffic and increase conversions. On the way to achieving this goal, online sellers must follow a comprehensive e-commerce marketing strategy. This is the only sure way to understand how to increase eCommerce sales and make a profit.

A well-thought-out e-commerce marketing strategy will increase the profit of your online shop. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of must-have eCommerce tools and marketing tactics. They will help your business achieve its goals. Now let’s put them under our microscope one by one and see which one suits your business better.

#1 Integrate Social Media

Social mediaCurrently, social media is one of the fastest-growing platforms for bringing sales to the top. It keeps a lot of people, brands, and influencers under one roof. With over 2.2 billion daily active users, Facebook is a great platform to advertise your product. Facebook ads must be used for a specific audience. Below are some simple tips for your ad campaign:

  • narrow audience
  • create a community page
  • post regularly to your Facebook story

#2 Gain Trust by Optimizing Speed

Optimize imageHigh-quality images are one of the easiest ways to make your online shop stand out. However, images can significantly affect your page load time if they are not properly optimized. You’ll gain trust if there are large, high-quality images, but on the other hand, loading these images will take time. This is why optimizing your images is so important. By optimizing images, you can maintain amazing images in your store without increasing your website speed. 

The reason why WordPress is chosen for running online shops is the wide range of plugins available to customize your website.

WordpressWordPress is open-source, which means anyone can create new customizations, themes, or plugins. And there are a lot of plugins that can implement almost any of your ideas. For example, any webshop requires to have filters on the pages to help customers search through the shops. Even though WooCommerce has the built-in functionality for filtering, it’s quite limed. You can create filters based on category, rating, and price. And unfortunately, they can be displayed only on WooCommerce pages. That’s why you need to add a specific plugin for filtering.

For example, WooCommerce Product Filter has lots of customization settings thus avoiding installing any other addons for filtration. The functionality of the plugin is not limited and what’s even more, you can easily edit the plugin via code to add some extra functionality. 

However, some web owners go to extremes by installing any plugin they think might be even slightly useful. Using multiple plugins that serve the same purpose can cause conflicts, slowing down your site. For example, you don’t need to install two slider plugins on your site. If you are using sliders, just select one. 

#3 Cross-Sell & Upsell

One of the best functionality you may use from WooCommerce is upselling and cross-selling of the products. This strategy is used by such giants as  Amazon use is.

UpsellUpselling and cross-selling are closely-related. With upselling, you can sell a more expensive version of a product instead of the one the customer originally intended to buy. 

Cross-selling is when you sell something related to the product, but which the customer didn’t intend to initially buy. Cross-sell

#4 Take Care of Newsletters

The other great thing you need to take care of is newsletters. WooCommerce allows sending customers relevant email messages with useful info at the right time, based on the buyer journey stage that they’re at. Email marketing isn’t just about sending emails to your subscribers about promotions and product sales. NewsletterThere are such types of newsletters:

  • Onboarding
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Sales / Promotional
  • Transactional
  • Behavioral

#5 Don’t Forget About Discounts

This popular strategy is used as an occasional technique to acquire new customers and boost sales. Customers love discounts and providing them with good ones will surely leave good reviews. A discount coupon code is an excellent way to generate more sales for the shops. WooCommerce is integrated with lots of powerful tools for generating and showing discount codes dynamically. 

Flash saleFlash sales are one of the most popular methods to increase sales and increase traffic. These sales are based on a sense of urgency so that visitors can see the inventory available decrease. Combined with a very visible countdown timer, flash sales result in more sales.

In addition to sales, you can run a loyalty program for retaining existing customers and attracting new ones. By awarding prizes for buying items in your shop, you ensure that customers come back to the shop just to earn loyalty points.


These are WooCommerce selling tips to look out for if you have an online business. If you want to dominate the market, it is important to always be up to date with the latest news and implement the best offers from industry experts.

Although the online market is overcrowded and the competition is fierce, there is space for everyone and there are plenty of opportunities. It is important to build a sales marketing plan that takes into account new trends and technological innovations.

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