Useful Product Filter for WordPress Digital Store

May 4, 2020

Before describing the product filter plugin for WordPress digital store, let’s identify the scope of such a product as accurately as possible. This will help to understand the plugin’s real value.

App developers vs Google Play and App Store

What is a digital store? Let us give a direct example in the sense that will help to illustrate our thought clearly. There are such giants of the application market as Google Play and App Store. These are digital marketplaces for officially authorized Android and iOS applications. Everyone wants to get here, because these are platforms with great opportunities for monetizing products.

However, there are a number of factors that can keep developers away from presence:

  • Unresolved product mismatch with the platforms’ requirements;
  • Too high competition in some niches;
  • Unfavorable conditions for cooperation.

These are just a few examples, and not a complete cross-section of problematic theses. Is it time to finish the digital business with apps? Whatever the case, a good product has the right to be bought and to exist in principle. You can sell applications in other ways.

WordPress digital store as a personal site for app developers

Follow the other path and create your own store. What does it mean? The developer company creates its own mini-store of paid applications, which works by analogy with Google Play and App Store. The company sells only its own applications or cooperates with other developers.

There are not hundreds of thousands of apps at the store, so the company just needs a simple and reliable technical solution. WordPress has everything you need to meet such needs. A developer can get a quick, convenient, and practical space for selling paid applications. Users come, choose products from the catalog, add to the basket, pay, and receive it.

Which step is missing above? There are many digital store templates available, but they do not contain a complete set of user preferences. Quick sorting of goods according to some parameters should be added separately.

How to get it? So, let’s discover the product filter plugin for WordPress shop right now.

What is a WordPress product filter plugin for WooCommerce

Product Filter is a quick sorting plugin for web stores of different kinds. The tool is universal, and is suitable for a digital store as well. Woobewoo developer has created it.

The main objective of this product is to show the visitor and potential buyer those apps he needs. A few clicks on the parameters (price, category, rating, and so on) will show the most accurate selection. So, a person will find the right application and buy it more likely.

Each filter set gets its own shortcode. Shortcode is added to the site structure without any extra effort. The plugin also supports quick product import from WooCommerce.

How and why to use the product filter plugin in a digital store

A block of sorting tools is displayed in the side field near the product catalog.

Wordpress product filter plugin is a simple and reliable sorting tool for digital store

An important feature is the flexible visual display settings. The user can change the sizes, fonts, buttons, sliders, and other functional elements. Technical implementation is also at a high level, and user actions are updated with a low delay in real-time mode. There is no need to confirm the changes with an additional click.

Most importantly, here you can select only those buttons that are really needed. Consider customer behavior patterns. Here are some examples.

  1. Does he have a $ 2 budget that can be spent on apps just for fun? The price slider can be pulled over the range of $ 1-2, for example. So all inexpensive products will be visible.

Wordpress product filter plugin is a simple and reliable sorting tool for digital store

2. Does your company create specialized digital products for professional use? Your client is a surveyor and he selects the appropriate category and makes a choice from among applications for quickly measuring area, perimeter, and distance.

In general, the Product Filter plugin’s functions are a set of tools that covers all the needs of a digital store’s client (and any other online store in principle).

The settings are very friendly and intuitive; each person will choose a set of functions with no wasting time.

Wordpress product filter plugin is a simple and reliable sorting tool for digital store

Wordpress product filter plugin is a simple and reliable sorting tool for digital store

Product Filter categories for digital store

The plugin has all the basic categories that you may need in a digital store.

Price is a flexible filter for sorting apps by price range.

Price Range is a simpler price sorting tool that allows you to create several predefined price range buttons. For example, you can create a button for cheap applications from $ 0.99 to $ 4.99, an average price segment of $ 5 – $ 9.99, and expensive products from $ 10 and above.

Sort by is a drop-down box for sorting tools by name, popularity, etc.

Product categories will display specific product groups.

Product tags will show all products with specific predefined tags.

Author is a useful button for digital stores in case you sell applications from different developers. For example, this tool will help display only your own applications.

Featured is a checkmark that helps show the user the selected products. The user decides what he needs to display separately.

On sale is an opportunity to see and buy all products at a reduced price.

Stock status. Mostly, not applicable to a digital store. Shows the presence/absence of goods in stock.

Rating shows user ratings as an additional confidence tool when purchasing applications.

Search by text is a quick search bar for a product in the catalog by name or any text.

The user can add his own attributes without restrictions.


Product filter plugin is the easiest and most reliable tool for sorting digital store products. It does not require special skills and saves the user time. Any task is solved in a few clicks, and the range of user options is almost unlimited.

This is an important combination of advantages to pay attention to this tool first.

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