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April 6, 2020

Before start talking about WooCommerce Product Filter, let’s define the problem. Huge online stores have a great valuable feature and a problem at the same time. There are many products. There may be many similar products and/or many products in different price and functional categories. 

The more goods are provided, the greater the scope for sales and constant traffic on the site. Refusing this is not the solution. But visitors should be comfortable looking for and choosing everything they want, you know. Informative product descriptions and professional photos are not enough. If a person confused and does not know what to do and how to search for at least a few seconds, he’ll leave the site to look for competitors’ proposals. It is important to provide him with an ultimately convenient experience in sorting goods.

How to solve the problem

You need a special plugin. Let’s look at a very friendly option for a wide range of users (administrators of online stores): WooCommerce Product Filter by WooBeeWoo. It contains a lot of options to build a perfect user experience at the web store, and it have a simple set of settings for an administrator. It is purely intuitive.

Why is this plugin needed

WooCommerce Product Filter allows you to create and configure sorting for a product catalog on the WordPress website. This is purely technological solution. It makes sorting catalog products a quick and even almost invisible process from the perspective of a user’s experience.

How does WooCommerce Product Filter works

We give an example. The user has an online clothing store that contains goods of different categories: t-shirts, outerwear, shoes and so on. It’s too much duty for the visitor to scroll through the catalog manually. So, the situation is decided by the quick sort menu by price, categories and so on. 

You have seen such solutions in online stores more than once. They are usually located in a column to the right or left of the product list.

The developer gives an example:

However, not all such sorting tools in online stores are equally convenient. Some are loaded for a long time and do not respond to changes dynamically. In 2010, online shoppers were ready to wait. In 2020, this state of affairs instantly rejects visitors. To survive and live, you need to flexibly adapt to changes in the thinking of the user audience every day.

Why is the WooCommerce Product Filter worth attention

  • Dynamic update. For example, the user changes the price range, and the catalog is updated without long delays and a confirmation click. This applies to live search too.
  • Customization options. The user can customize the visual display of widget elements in accordance with the site design.
  • Ease of use. The plug-in options are intuitive. It can be integrated with WooCommerce through a simple process.
  • Flexibility. The plugin works efficiently with all WordPress templates. It is displayed correctly on any devices.

There are two versions of WooCommerce Product Filter: free and paid. The free version of the plugin has many convenient functions for everyday work: drag and drop filter, filtering by parameters, ability to add any number of filters, title and description customization and many more. However, only the paid version provides the user with maximum experience. It includes a lot of price filter skins, buttons, category images among other conveniences.

Plugin details

The simplicity of the plugin configuration deserves special attention. Any user will create an optimal sorting tool in a few clicks.

The plugin menu after installation looks like this (see the picture below).

There are only tools for adding filters and managing them.

The plugin requires simple WooCommerce integration. When creating a new filter, you need to select the required sort categories and save.


A set of sorting tools gets a personal shortcode is for use on the site directly.

The plugin contains a set of tools. It is for flexible customization of the appearance of this section on the site. This section provides a lot of user tool that makes it real to customize the menu’s appearance in accordance with style of the theme.

More information about the plugin is here.

A convenient online store site – it’s easy! The main thing is to build on the needs, moods and behaviour of customers.

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