Category hierarchy display settings

Category hierarchies are used to classify products, vendors, and other information for reporting and analysis. Each hierarchy consists of a parent category and a structure of subcategories, also called child categories. An organization can have multiple category hierarchies.

display settings

It is also a very important element of the product filter. In WooBeWoo Product Filter, you can customize the display of all levels of child categories in great detail, and in this tutorial, we will show you exactly how to set it up.

Show hierarchical and setting

First, let’s say you’ve already created a product filter and added a category filter to it.
Now let’s choose how our categories will be displayed on the front, for this, in the “show on frontend as” option, select “checkbox list” or “radio buttons list“.

Next, activate the Show hierarchical option to show paternal and subsidiary categories.

Show hierarchical

These options are available even in the Free version. But now let’s look at the full range of options that will become available to you in the Pro version, namely Collapse and configuring child categories.

  • Hide categories parent. If you want to show only categories of children, then check these options.

Hide categories parent.

  • Collapsible. If enabled, then show only parent elements, if there are children, they are minimized. They can be opened/closed by clicking on the icon.


  • Unfolding children. (If the Collabsiple option is enabled) When you select a parent filter category, all child nodes will be automatically opened. When you select a parent filter category, the child categories of the first level are automatically opened.
    • Unfolding all nesting levels. Unfold all nesting levels of children, not just the first

Unfolding children

As you can see, we already know how to open categories, but you can configure it so that child categories are not only opened but also marked:

  • Extended parent select. If the parent filter category was selected then extend the selection to child categories.

Extended parent select

  • Automatically collapses parent. If the parent filter category was selected then extend the selection to child categories.
  • Product selection hierarchically. Restrict filtering results only to child categories or only to parents if both of them are selected at the same time:
    • Could be both, child or parent;
    • only in child;
    • only in the parent.
  • Collapse level. With this option, you can set which child-level the collapse starts from.

Collapse level

Custom icon design

What’s more, with the Pro version, you can customize the open/close icon for category hierarchy levels.

To do this, go to design->blocks and in the option Open / Close icon categories you can select the following icons:

  • Plus/minus
  • Chevron
  • Angle double

Design icon

After that, you can adjust the size of the icon and make it bold.

icon bold

Check out our documentation to learn more about other WooCommerce Product Filter options.
Also, if you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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