Filter by Downloadable / Virtual

WooBeWoo Product Filter for WooCommerce can filter by absolutely all product fields. And despite the fact that the downloadable / Virtual fields are not presented as separate filters by default, you can easily include filtering blocks by these parameters in your filter. And this tutorial will help you enable and configure filters on the fields Downloadable / Virtual

How to add a filter by Downloadable / Virtual?

This filter type is added using an attribute filter. To do this, in the “Filters” tab in the “Select filters to add” field, select “attribute” and click “Add”.

Now in the Select attribute field, you must select the Custom meta field as an attribute.  And now in the custom meta field input field, enter the desired parameter. For example:

  • _downloadable
  • _virtual

This way you can add an unlimited number of attribute filters. After the filter is added, you can configure it like any attribute filter.

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