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In the WooCommerce Product Filter, after filtering, you will see which products are suitable for your filtering settings.
This is an ideal way to make the purchase process really simple and enjoyable for users of your site without any special coding knowledge.
Thanks to the wide functionality of our plugin, you can fully customize how the content of your filter will be displayed.
This tutorial will help you understand how to use and configure content options. This is a very important aspect of setting up an effective product filter for your store. To configure the content of the filter, go to the options menu on the “content” tab.

Content tab

Here you can configure the following options:

  • Show Clear block
 If this option is enabled, the “< clear” links appears at the page next to the filter block titles. The presets of this filter block will be deleted after clicking on the link.

The default name for this button is “Clear.” But you can easily change this.Clear block word.Here you may change Clear block word.

Options Content tab
  • Automatically recount product by selected filters (If product category loading slowly – Disable this function).
Content tab
  • Recount min/max price by selected filter.

Automatically change min/max price by selected filters (If product category loading slowly – Disable this function).

  • Show parameters without products as disabled.

Automatically disabled parameters without products. Works only when options Show count and Always display all… are enabled.
  • Sort by title after filtering.

After enabling this option, all products after filtering will be sorted by title.
  • Checked items to the top.

Lets checked terms will be on the top
Options tab
  • Set no products found text.

Here you can enter the text that your users will see if, according to the parameters they set for the product filter is not found.(input “no products found” text for category)
  • Display “Show more”. 

For long vertical lists, “Show more” will be displayed.
This is a very convenient option if the filter contains a lot of elements. If you use a vertical list of displaying table elements, you can enable the “Show more” option.
Now if there are too many filter elements, some of them will be hidden. To open them, click Show more.
product FIlter Content
Turn on full opening so that the list opens complete.
Show more- the list will open completely .
Show fever-  to hide the full list.
  • Display selected parameters of filters.

Selected parameters will be displayed in the top/bottom of the filter.
product filter
Here you can enable:
  • Select the display position of the selected parametrs.
  •  Clear all.Click to delete selected parametrs.
  • Display child categories.Display both of child and parent categories

Content tab


  • Hide filter by title click.
Content tab
  • Use filter titles as slugs for the filter clear buttons.


As you can see with the WooCommerce Product Filter, you can display and customize the order of products after filtering, based on your preferences and your customers.

Check out our documentation to learn more about other WooCommerce Product Filter options.
Also, if you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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