How to create Horizontal Product Filter

WooCommerce Product Filter plugin allows you to create a comfortable and multifunction filter for your customers. Not only sidebar filter but also horizontal!

Let ‘s look for a few simple steps to create your Horizontal Product Filter:

  1. To get started, change the setting of the Filter block width up 20-25% 
  2. Change the Filter width, by default it is 100%, but you can change it up to any value checking the result on the frontend, it depends on your theme template.    
  3. Also, you can change the “Layout” for each section of the WooCommerce Product Filter plugin you want.
  4. Then you need to add a filter to the page via Widgets or via shortcode. Check our tutorial “How to add WooCommerce product filter to the shop?”

As a result, you will receive your Horizontal Product Filter!

Also, you can check other topics about customization such as Easy to customize and set up.


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