How to create Horizontal Product Filter

WooCommerce Product Filter plugin allows you to create a comfortable and multifunction filter for your customers. Not only sidebar filter but also horizontal!

Let ‘s look for a few simple steps to create your Horizontal Product Filter:

  1. To get started, change the setting of the Filter block width up 20-25% 
  2. Change the Filter width, by default it is 100%, but you can change it up to any value checking the result on the frontend, it depends on your theme template.     
  3. Also, you can enable “Display items in a row” feature in the Design tab of the WooCommerce Product Filter plugin.      
  4. Then you need to add a filter to the page via Widgets or via shortcode. Check our tutorial “How to add WooCommerce product filter to the shop?”

As a result, you will receive your Horizontal Product Filter!

Also, you can check other topics about customization such as Easy to customize and set up.


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