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What are loading indicators for?

Loader icon is a loading indicator that helps the user understand the loading position at any given time, especially when the system is working on a task.Users want to have control over the system they use.
The progress indicator of the task is one of the most popular forms of providing system status for the user.
Immediate response is undoubtedly the best option for any application, but situations where it is not feasible are often possible. (Slow operation of the system may be due to a weak Internet connection, or the operation itself can be complex and take a long time.)
In such cases, in order to reduce user stress, you must confirm to the user that the system is busy working on his task and that there is real progress.
This is a kind of simple but very necessary thing.

 loading indicators

WooCommerce Product Filter has very flexible settings that you can easily customize to the style and functionality of your store.The Options tab is logically divided into 4 tabs, for ease of use. This tutorial will help you understand the options on the Loader tab.

Loader Options tab

Enable filter icon on load

Enable filter icon while filtering results are loading.

Click on the arrow to apply the loader to all filters.

filter icon on load

Filter Loader Icon 

Here you may select the animated loader, which appears when filtering results are loading.

You can select the Loader icon from the list or add a custom one:

  • Just click on “Choose Icon” and select any loader you like from the list.
  • Or you can add your custom icon by clicking on “Select Icon
  • Filter Loader Color.Here you may select the color of filter loader animation.You can choose any color from the color palette. Assign color tone and transparency

Loader options

Enable overlay

Overlay in WooCommerce Product Filter is a stylish custom transition between the beginning and the result of filtering.
Overlays as well as the loader will help smooth out negative expectations. If the application offers the user something interesting during the download, this allows you to distract him from the fact of expectation.

You can add this to your filter and fully customize and improve.

To Enable Overlay option, move to the Loader Tab . Here you can enable the overlay, choose whether to show the loader icon, set the background,loader icon and loader word.

Enable overlayGive your store the most unusual and effective interface with WooBeWoo
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