Main Settings

To make our tables even easier to customize for you, let’s get acquainted with every option of table editor.

Main settings of WooCommerce Pricing Table plugin

  • Add products – click on this button to add a Woo product to table
  • Product properties – click on “Add new field” to set properties to advertise your goods.
  • Table Width – a feature to set width for the whole table. Value can be set it px, or in %. Width for each column in this case will be calculated as width of whole table divided for total columns number.
  • Column Width – let’s you set special width for one column (in px). Total table width in this case will be calculated as sum of all your columns width.
  • Text Align – choose a way to align text in the table – (left, right or center)
  • Enable Responsivity – you need to pay a special attention to this very important one. If you check it, then on small screens (mobile or table devices) your table won’t look broken and unacceptable, but will be displayed in responsive mode – all columns will be shown one below each other. You can uncheck the box if for some reasons you don’t want to use it.
  • Min Column Width – here is an advanced setting to a previous item. Set the minimum column width for responsive mode view (in px). If you don’t have any special needs, it’s 150 px by default.
  • Font – choose one of various fonts to use in your table. You can set here global font, and change it for each element of table in it’s own editor menu by clicking on text.
  • Table Align – set align for the table on the page – left, right, center or none.
  • Description Text Color – text colors for table columns description element.
  • Background Color – a feature to choose background color for the whole table.
  • Header Text Color – text color for table columns header element.
  • Vertical Padding – set a vertical padding for a column in pixels by entering the value here.
  • Rows Text Color – used to set common text color for the whole table.
  • Enable Description Column – by checking it. you’re adding description column into table. You can add there descriptions for your rows.
  • Enable Head Row – adding head row in all columns. Usually, it is the first row in table.
  • Enable Footer Row – adding footer row in all columns. Usually, it is last row in table
  • Enable Description Row – adding description row in all columns.
  • Enable Hover Animation – animates column on mouse hover (you will see the effect it only on frontend)

Also there are even more important options in the top of editor

  • Save – don’t forget to click to store the changes you’ve made to your table.
  • Preview – click this button to check how does your table look before finishing
  • Change Template – a quick and easy way to change the preset, if you have made another decision by clicking just one button.
  • Edit CSS – if you have some coding skills, you can move to a built-in editor to customize your table any way you’d like to.
  • Clone – make a single copy of your tables to compare different variants
  • Delete – if the table doesn’t require your needs – delete the whole design and remove the table in one cllick

Finally, let’s look through Settings tab of Plugin


  • Send usage statistics – by checking this box, you agree to send us your setting choices to let us analyze them and make better solutions for you.
  • Disable autosave in Pricing Table – by default our plugin will make autosave of all your changes that you do in Pricing Table edit screen, but you can disable this feature here. Just don’t forget to save your Pricing Table each time you make any changes in it.
  • Disable CDN usage – by default our plugin is using CDN server to store there part of it’s files – images, javascript and CSS libraries. This was designed in that way to reduce plugin size, make it lighter and easier for usage. But if you need to store all files – on your server – you can disable this option here, then upload plugin CDN files from here to your own site
  • Enable promo link – we are trying to make our plugin better for you, and you can help us with this. Just check this option – and small promotion link will be added in the bottom of your Pricing Table. This is easy for you – but very helpful for us!

Hope everything is clear now! If you still have some questions regarding main features – please, contact us via internal support to get a prompt and detailed reply!

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