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Create and customize filters for your online store using the free WooCommerce Product Filter WordPress plugin.

This is an ideal way to make the purchase process really simple and enjoyable for users of your site without any special coding knowledge.

With the help of our plugin, your customers can filter your products by any criteria .

Each filter criteria customizable, giving you maximum control over what your customers are filtering and the results they see.

This tutorial will help you customize the “Sort by”filter elements .

“Sort by” Add Filter 

Thanks to this filter, your users can choose in which order the products will be sorted after filtering.

To add a filter, select “Sort by” in the drop-down list and click Add

Sort by

Once you have added this filter, you can fully configure it:

“Sort by” Filter Settings

  • Here you can enter your Title Lable text, by default Price
  • If you wish, you can enter the filter Description text (optional)
  • Show title label. Here you can choose how to show the title with the function of opening/closing the filter:
    • desktop (No; Yes, show as close; Yes show as opened)
    • mobile (No; Yes, show as close; Yes show as opened)
  • Sort options. Here you may select the sorting options available for your site users (min two options). There is also an opportunity to sort by title from A to Z or Z to A.
  • Show on frontend as. Here you may select how to showcase on the live pages.
  • In stock always show first. Sort products by stock status first then by the selected criterion.
  • Use as default. Here you may select the default parameters for sorting.
    • Hide filter. Toggle the option to hide the sorting filter.

Sort by


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