Fully Compatible with Elementor

WooCommerce Product Filter is 100% compatible with Ellementor. With this option, you can create a product filter directly in Elementor. All functions of the WooBeWoo product filter will be available directly on the Elementor tab.

We have done everything so that you can use this advantage without any special knowledge.

To do this, simply install the Elementor plugin and WooCommerce Product Filter from WooBeWoo. Now when you create a page using Elementor, you will see the WooFilter widget.

To get started with the filter, just drag the widget from the editor to the page you are editing.

Fully Compatible with Elementor

The most important and unique advantage is that you can create a Product Filter directly in Elementor.

You can also manage options, personalize your interface without leaving the designer page.

In this case, all the same, options will be available to you as in the classic filter editor.

Fully Compatible with Elementor

Improve your filter, manage parameters, give a unique design to each element, so that in the end it gives you a unique look on the page of your store.
Read this tutorial to learn more about compatible with Elementor.

Moreover, in addition to the standard Elementor widgets, the filter supports widgets from many popular Elementor add-ons.

Element Pack Pro 

Element Pack Pro has all the essential widgets you need to pull out the products on your website in an attractive way. It’s worthy to mention that Element pack Pro offers more WooCommerce widgets than any other Elementor add-on plugin available on the market today. With it, you’ll get the standard product, add to cart, and gallery widgets as well as a mini cart, cart page, checkout page, product slider, product carousel, and tracking form.

WooCommerce Product Filter plugin is fully compatible with products showcasing widgets. In a combination, you’ll get powerful tools for building an eye-catching online shop with all the necessary features and even more. Element Pack pro filter

Ultimate Addons for Elementor

If you own a WooCommerce store,  Ultimate Addons for Elementor is extremely useful. It is fully compatible with WooCommerce and comes with various WooCommerce widgets to enhance your online store.

So if you decide on Ultimate Addons for Elementor for your shop, you can be sure that the WooCommerce Product Filter plugin will bring the best experience from using the addons widgets in a combination with filters. Ultimate addons

Essential Addons for Elementor

Essential Addons enhances the core Elementor page builder by adding 65+ creative elements and extensions. The addon goes above and beyond to help you improve the design of your shop by offering extensions that add additional functionality to use.

With WooCommerce Product Filter, showcasing the products with Essential Addons creates a user-friendly interface for your shop.essential addons

If you are building a shop based on WooCommerce in a combination of any of mentioned Elementor addons, you should add a product filter plugin to your shop to multiply your sales. The Product Filter plugin allows you to add unlimited filters to your widget.  Visitors can easily filter the products by attributes, custom taxonomies, price, tags, and categories.

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