Rules to display

With rules to display of Popup Notifications plugin, you can establish when and for whom the notification will be displayed.

In which way the Rules to display will help you in work?

  • Time on page or site.
  • Scrolled distance.
  • Visitor’s inactive time or if its new user.
  • The current date, time or day. 

What opportunities gives you these options?

  • To create special offers for new customers.
  • With time settings you can display notifications in any day and time.
  • Popup can be displayed if the user was inactive some time, for example, a visitor can’t choose a product for a long time or he is out of the keyboard. 
  • Also, he can be displayed by a user’s scrolled distance on a page. 
  • You can set a timer of summary user’s time-on-site or some page to display a notification.
  • And much more, just feel free to use all your imagination!

We are trying to make everything possible for your convenience and efficiency so,  you can estimate other opportunities of Popup Notifications plugin.