Varied styles and custom design

Popup Notifications plugin is made with simple and effective features for you and your projects. With a wide choice of design and style options, you can be sure that customers surely will see and not miss all plugin notifications that you made. 

You can design a unique recent sales popup that matches your store in many ways: 

  • Templates with different blocks and appearance

Popup Notifications plugin

  • 9 positions on the screen, padding 


  • Background color and opacity


  • Overlay


  • Borders –  width, colour and opacity, orders style, radius


  • Text

Example design

  • Close button style settings – colour and opacity, hover colour and opacity, borders colour and opacity, close button icon colour, borders width, style and radius:

 View style

All the Design settings and configurations you can find here. Look at the rest of  WooCommerce Popup features to take advantages of the plugin.

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