Discount codes and countdown

Popup Notifications plugin is a useful tool to remind your customers about an important upcoming event, product launch, or sales events. This helps build anticipation among your customers and improves user engagement.

Sales timers let you promote your sale to every visitor. They’re also a great way to make visitors take action NOW.

It will be perfect in such cases:

  • Before introducing a new product or service.
  • On a coming soon page before launching your website.
  • On holidays and sale events such as Black Friday to offer big discounts on your products or services.
  • During the website, maintenance to let visitors know when the website will be available again.
  • On the birthdays of your online business.

You can display popup countdown timer in your posts, pages, for all or new visitors, depend on the time on the website or page, date, etc.

Add a countdown to highlight a sale, a special product promotion, and to promote a unique discount code that will run out when the timer hits zero.

Just follow this instruction to create a beautiful popup with a countdown that will give your visitors a great experience and help you boost your income.

    1. Move to the Text section and add the text you need to display in the popup.
    2. Click on Text Rules-> Time. Select the time formate and set the target time.
    3. Copy the shortcode and add it to the text.Discount codes and countdown
    4. Set the rules to display. You can start to display popup any date, time, day, for a new visitor, etc.
    5. Make other settings and save the changes.
    6. Copy the popup shortcode and insert it into the post or page.

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