How can you sell music with the help of Product Table?

June 23, 2020

How can you sell music with the help of Product Table?

Just 10 years ago, nobody could even imagine that an average musician could make money out of his work. Once James Hetfield, the vocalist of the Metallica band said: “We have sold 25 million records of a single album all over the world, but just recently I had no idea where I could get some money in order to refuel my car. We definitely play pretty well, but we are very lucky to achieve such enormous success.”

Why did he speak about luck having such incredible talent?

First of all, because until recently, creating good music material wasn’t enough in order to make money because such good material somehow had to spread and reach potential buyers. This is what music labels exist for. However, labels are a huge team including a big marketing department, large factories that produce discs and records, giant interest rates imposed on the real product value (because a CD has a great number of intermediate points from the factory to the store where you buy it).

Accordingly, an average musician who had no connections or large investments had almost no chance to reach a large audience.


Music Sale by Woobewoo

So what could have changed since then?  Why it has nothing to do with luck today?

The thing is that the era of the Internet and wide accessibility to a potential listener has begun now. Nowadays you don’t need CDs, tape recorders or players anymore. All you need is to take a smartphone and choose a song by an artist from any point in the world.

And it’s truly amazing when we can share our talent with other people, irrespective of the location, earning our first musical capital in this process. You don’t need a big team, factories that will produce CDs for you, and stores where some unfamiliar to you people will sell them at an insane price. Now you are your own label, factory, and store in one person. Nowadays it’s not about luck at all. Now everything depends just on you, your talent, and the Product Table plug-in which will help you organize your online store and make it classy, attractive, and profitable, which is the most important thing.


Sell music with Woobewoo

Product Table and music?

Sooner or later every person who writes songs for himself faces a question of how and where to sell his music. This is pretty understandable, since fulfilling yourself as an author is very, very difficult, but at the same time, you want to demonstrate the worked out material to the general public.  Especially if there is a real opportunity to make money on your work. Of course, in order to earn money, someone has to buy your song, so you have to do your best in order to interest potential buyers, either artists or producers.

Technology has facilitated the process or writing and recording music, whereas platforms like WordPress takes the issue of how to sell your music off the table!  Instead of signing contracts with studios and labels, you will be free to record whatever you want, whenever you want, and get the greatest part of the profit!  Thousands of musicians are already selling their music via WordPress using our WooBeWoo plugins. With the help of our unlimited storage capacity, store settings, and built-in WordPress playlists, you will have everything you need in order to successfully sell music online on any platform.

Creating and launching an online store requires particular work to be done. However, if everything is done correctly, you can turn your online store into a sustainable business. In order to achieve such a level of success, you have to create a store that corresponds to the type of product sold. If you’re going to sell music on the Internet, then you really need the WooBeWoo WooCommerce Product Table plugin.

Arizon- All I have
Lingu -Over Again
Jacob Tillberg-Last Day
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Why should you choose exactly WooBeWoo?

So, in order to offer products such as music, the store should be set up in quite a different way than a clothing or electronics store. You don’t have to worry at all, as our plugin provides for the creation of a store of any format.

  • Built-in multimedia players. Our WooCommerce Product Table plugins are very popular for displaying built-in audio and video files, along with multimedia content such as multimedia playlists or image galleries. For example, you may want to include an MP3 music player or built-in YouTube videos straight in a table, so people can watch and listen without switching to another page.
  • Focus on sales. At the same time, the multimedia display will always be focused exactly on selling the product, since you can display the Add to cart/Buy button straight at the table and give it your own design.
  • Live Variations’ Display. Thanks to the variations in the Product Table, you can set the Select Options button. This function is very useful, for example, when you sell your music in several quality options, or else this button can offer your work to the customers in several languages.
  • Flexible Settings. Brand your store with the Product Table with your signature colors, illustrations, and logos. We offer many customization options, so selling music will represent you as an artist.
  • Search and Filter by any parameter. The buyer doesn’t need to literally spend hours while searching for the track which he needs, because he can just enter the parameters of his preferences into the Search or Filter by any parameter.
  • Any text, links, or images. You can provide a full description of your products with the help of more than 20 Product Table columns.
  • Display stock status and announce the launch of future products. If you sell CDs, merch, or supplementary products, this function is created exactly for you. Indeed, you can show the stock status of your goods, or display the goods that will appear in your store very soon.

This list could be just endless, but I don’t want to bother you with the obvious advantages of our plugin.

Just try the Product Table right now absolutely free, and enjoy all the advantages of the Woocommerce Product Table by WooBeWoo

Product Table and music

Creation of multimedia products

  • Before you start, let’s suggest that you have already installed a ready to go WordPress website with the WooCommerce plugin and Woocommerce Product Table.
  • In order to add a new WooCommerce product, switch to Products> Add New section (Products > Add New) from the control panel.
  • Considering the fact that the main goal is to sell music on the Internet, the first thing you have to do is to tick a box at the top of the window. It will mean that the product is virtual and it will be downloadable. This step will change the parameters that will be displayed during the sale: the things for sale are online music files, not physical products.
  • Then you have to specify the price for the product and upload the file (s) that customers will get when they purchase in the Downloadable files section. Besides, you can set a limit on how many times files can be downloaded and adjust all the product parameters.
  • Click Add Media. Download the audio file from your computer, fill it out and make sure that you select the Embed Media Player option in the Embed or link window.
  • After you have finished the adjustment of your first product, click the Publish button. Then repeat this process in order to add all the songs, albums, etc. that you are going to sell.

Media product

Technically, the first steps provide the functioning of the online store. However, the traditional WooCommerce adjustment isn’t the best way of selling music online.

If you just leave it the way it is, your customers  will have to go to each page of separate products in order to listen to sample tracks and make an order. It makes the process of selection considerably slower, which can result in sales loss. What’s more, music files usually don’t need a long and complicated description or large images, while the WooCommerce layout by default draws additional attention to such elements.

Instead of it, you can show everything you have on a single page with the help of the Product Table. This is an organized, visually appealing way of displaying your music. Customers can see everything that is available in the store just at once, and you can give all the essential information.  Buyers can add everything they have selected to their cart straight from this page. Besides, you can insert audio player samples into the table individually for each product.

Creating tables with WooCommerce Product Table

Follow the instructions given in this tutorial in order to create the table . Make sure that you included a column Short Description that contains your audio/video attachments in the table.

Create the table with multimedia products, and adjust it according to your preferences. Use the extensive functionality of the Product Table settings in order to customize your store in a special individual way.

Check out the table and make sure that the built-in media players are working correctly.


So, as you can see, our capabilities are almost advanced thanks to world progress. Nowadays creative work can be independent.

In fact, it’s you who has all the rights in order to decide how exactly you want to realize your creative capacity. Product Table will help you do this in a user-friendly and profitable way.

Sell ​​your multimedia, or help other talented guys and remember that WooBewoo will make it truly classy and effective.

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