How to create a food ordering system?

February 28, 2019

How to create a food ordering system

Could you find somebody who does not like to eat? Exactly no. People like to eat. And what can be better than sitting at home with your friends, watching the movie or playing the games and to order pizza, sushi or other dishes? Therefore, the food ordering system is so popular and in demand. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of setting one up using the WooCommerce platform and WooBeWoo Product Table plugin. Let’s start!

Food on demand: market overview

According to Technavio, online on-demand food delivery services market will be growing by more than $57bn to 2021 with the CAGR of nearly 32%. It is a huge number if compared with other markets.


Food statistics

What drives such popularity? Today people start to more appreciate their time and use services, apps, that help them to save it. Food delivering startups have one psychological appeal – they promise to save us effort and to buy us time. They are convenient, fast and easy-to-use.

The on-demand food industry has three main components:

  • Ordering: the system that handles customers’ requests
  • Cooking: prepare the meals
  • Delivering: food transportation.


attention-grey Attention attention-grey

The on-demand food industry has three main components: ordering, cooking, delivering


Today we will focus on the first part – ordering. But before launch, make sure that you have a clear understanding of all issues related to cooking and delivering. JungleWorks has prepared a great comparison table to illustrate to you how it works in the major market’s players.


Comparison table

What do you need

As we mentioned above, we will create a food ordering system using WooCommerce. So, there are some preparations you need to do before we started.

Install WordPress: there are a lot of articles about how to do this on the Internet. So, take time and browse them. In nutshell, you need to purchase a domain name, sign up for hosting, and then install the self-hosted software.

Choose the WordPress theme: you can choose any theme on the WP official site.  

Install and activate WooCommerce plugin: find it here.

Install and activate WooBeWoo Product Table: more information about how to do it on the plugin’s page.

And now you are ready for the next step!

Add your menu

Every food app has different categories like:

  • Pizza
  • Salads
  • Desserts
  • Drinks, etc.

Learn more about categories and attributes

So, we should save the same structure in our ordering system. For this, navigate to Products -> Categories and create as many categories as you need.


Add a new category

After that, we are going to add individual menu items for each category. For this, just switch to Products -> Add New.

add new product

Add new product

Learn how to create a Mew Product step by step

Create an order form

So, now you have:

  • The full base of menu items
  • Food categories.

Let’s create an order form. Go to the WooBeWoo Product Table menu. It allows you to add extra features to your menu table like filters, search, sort, pagination and the ability for your customers to select which item to display in the table.

1. Create a New table

create a table

Add products

2. Add a Buy property

buy property

Add a Buy property

3. Go Settings -> Features and allow Multiple add to cart, Searching and Category filter


Features tab

Here is how it looks in the end. Congratulations!



saladSalad Caesar$10

pizzaPizza Margherita$15

Filter: Reset

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