Control of participants by age

The plugin supports many functions that use age, these are conditions and triggers for scoring points and controlling participants by age. But there is no standard age field in WordPress/WooCommerce. We have foreseen this moment and added such a field to the personal account of the Bonus system.
Loyalty program by age
Let’s see how to set it up and use it. First, let’s enable the age field in the balance widget. To do this, go to settings -> main:
Woocommerce Bonus Points
Set an age limit. If the option is enabled, a field will be added to all program participants in their personal balance account, in the Settings section, asking them to enter their age. This will give you the option to limit company participation by age and will also help you use the Birthday trigger and Age condition for auto-action company planning in the future.
Date of birth
Min age. All current and future members will be forced to display a popup with a mandatory age field. The participant must enter the age and confirm participation in the program. If the participant refused or did not reach the minimum age – he will not be a participant in the program.
Min age participation
Now you can arrange marketing campaigns using the age field, for example, congratulate users on their birthday, or charge only a certain age, etc. Check out our documentation to learn more about other WooBeWoo Reward Points for Woocommerce options. Also, if you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.
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