Plugin Quick Guide

  1. Welcome to the Reward Points plugin by WooBeWoo!
Thank you for choosing our WooCommerce loyalty plugin. Just click here to start using it and we’ll walk you through its features and powerful features step by step.
  1. This is the main menu of the plugin, here you can fully control every detail of the bonus system.
Reward Points Plugin Quick Guide
3. This is the “Set point” menu. This is where you can control how many bonus points your customers get for a particular product purchased.
Reward Points for Woocommerce
4. Moreover, you can not only set the reward manually, but also collect groups of products according to a certain attribute: prices, taxonomies, and so on.
Loyalty program
5. This is the “Balance” menu. This is where you can control the current balance of bonus points of your users. Accrual/debit is available not only manually, but also in bulk, moreover, you can perform pending operations.
Reward Points
6. The Settings menu is a complete control point for the loyalty program. Activate and stop the entire system, limit participation by age, set the expiration date, conditions for using bonuses, and of course the design of all elements (widgets) of the bonus system on the front.
Setting Reward System
7. This magical section is called “Auto Actions”. It is here that you will be able to create companies for auto-calculation of bonuses, according to a huge number of triggers and conditions. Set a time frame for it, connect several triggers and conditions to each other, assign logic to them and then just relax – after all, we will do everything for you.
Auto marketing
8. The analytics section is designed to help in obtaining a real-time status report, determining the most effective use, obtaining up-to-date data on the use of the bonus system and many other indicators.
analytics section
We hope you enjoy using our plugin and feel free to leave us your feedback. Check out our documentation to learn more about other WooBeWoo Reward Points for Woocommerce options. Also, if you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.
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