User Balance

So this is the “User Balance” menu. This is where you can control the current balance of bonus points of your users. Accrual/debit is available not only manually, but also in bulk, moreover, you can perform pending operations.
User Points Balance
  • Filter.
So, initially, all users of your site are listed in the list, but you can filter and show only certain users. Specify options and logic between selected options. Now click the filter and only users matching the selected criteria will be shown.
Filtering users for accrual
  • Accrue / Write off points.
    • Specific user. To Accrue/Debit bonus points to a specific user, simply click on the “+”, “-” icon next to the selected user.
Accrue / Write off points
  • To several/all users. To Accrue/Write off bonus points to several/all users. Select the checkboxes of the required users and click on the Add Points/Delete Points button.
Woocommerce shop
  • For all filtered. To Accrue/Debit bonus points to all filtered users, after you have filtered users, click the “For all filtered” button.
WupSales Reward Points
In the pop-up that opens, you can configure all the necessary fields for accruing/withdrawing bonus points to selected users:
The best Plugin
  • Operation. Specify the operation type (Add/Delete);
  • Count. Specify the number of bonus points to be Accrued/Debited to the selected user(s).
  • Reason (max 50 symbols). Each operation must have a reason, so your users will know for what reason they were credited / debited with bonus points.
  • Action date. You can schedule transactions, for this, specify the date and time when you need to charge. If you want to perform the operation right now, leave the field blank.
  • Expiry date. Bonus points accrued manually have a separate expiration date from the expiration date of points for purchases. In this way, you can create unique promotions and motivate purchases with expiration dates. Sets when the expiration date of the points for this operation will expire.
The operation is almost ready, it remains to choose whether you want to notify the user, and if so, how exactly you want to notify the user about the accrual/debiting of bonus points. The plugin provides notification via Popup and/or notification via email.
  • Send email. Activate the option to customize the letter.
Here you can specify the subject of the letter, add a description, media. Moreover, you can “Add bonus point block” and/or “Add shop button” by clicking on the corresponding options. Once the email is set up, you can click to show a preview of the email.
  • Show popup. Activate the option to set up a popup.
Here you can specify Title, add description, media. Moreover, you can “Add bonus point block” and/or “Add shop button” by clicking on the corresponding options. When the popup is set up, you can click to show the popup preview. Now that everything is set up, it’s time to click Save.
  • History. All completed and scheduled operations will be displayed in the User Balance -> History section.
    • Activate the Show Completed option to display only transactions that have already been completed in the list.
    • Operations that are not yet perfect, you can edit, or even cancel.
Loyalty program of Reward Points
Check out our documentation to learn more about other WooBeWoo Reward Points for Woocommerce options. Also, if you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.
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