Setting points as a reward for a purchase

To set points as a reward for a purchase, go to the plugin dashboard – set points This is where you can control how many bonus points your customers get for a particular product purchased. The section consists of two tabs:
  1. Products. Set points for each product manually.
To set a reward in the form of points for a specific product, it is enough to click in the Point column in the row of the selected product and set the number of Reward Points that the user will receive for the purchase of this product. In the same way, you can remove the reward for the product.
Setting points as a reward for a purchase
To set/delete rewards for several products at once, select the checkboxes of all required products and click the set point/delete points button respectively.
reward for each variation
If your store has a variety of products, you can set a separate reward for each variation. To do this, activate the Show Variations option. Now you will see in the list all variations of variable products and you can set the reward for them in exactly the same way.
Show variations
!Be attentive. The input of variations has priority, and if “X” bonuses are entered for a variable product, and “Y” is entered for one of its variations, then “Y” will be applied.
  1. Groups. Create groups from conditions by taxonomies and set rewards for the products included in them.
To create a group, go to set points->groups and click Create New.
Wordpress plugin
Now the group is created, let’s set it up:
  • First, enter the name of the group.
  • Next, we will set the reward that the user will receive in the form of bonus points for a product that meets the conditions of this group. Set the exact number of points or percentage of the cost.
  • Next, let’s set the Logic for the added conditions: “AND” (all conditions must match at once); “Or” (at least one condition must match).
  • And most importantly, let’s add conditions for our group. You can add the following conditions in unlimited quantities:
    • Category. Select the categories/subcategories you want, and choose whether or not to include child categories.
    • Attribute. Select the required Attributes and their parameters.
    • Tag. Select the desired tags.
    • Brand. Select the brands you want.
    • Price. Specify the range from/to.
    • Goods at a discount. You can choose to exclude all sale items or apply to sale items only.
Reward Points per category
So we created a group. Thus, you can create an unlimited number of groups. If products from several groups overlap, the group that is higher in the list has priority. For such cases, you can set the priority by dragging the groups in the list.
!!! Recalc points.  For the correct and fast operation of product filters and calculation of user bonuses, the plugin creates the corresponding meta-parameters. These parameters are automatically updated by editing/creating products and plugin settings. But if you’ve edited the products with third-party plugins or methods and/or noticed that the plugin doesn’t work correctly, then click the button Run to force a refresh of the product’s settings. If you have many products, the process may take some time. You can run this process in the background.
Recalc reward points
To delete a group, select the group’s checkboxes and click the “Delete” button. After all groups are created and configured, the order is determined, all unnecessary groups are removed, click the Save button to save all changes.
  1. Set the reward right in the product editor.
You can also set rewards in woocommerce itself during product creation/editing. To do this, go to Products->Select the desired product/Create a new one. For Simple Products, you can set the value here:
Edit Woocommerce product
For Variable Products, you can go to each variation and set your reward here:
Woocommerce Products

Priority Products>/< Groups

Priority groups. If a product has a certain number of points.
Loyalty program woocommerce shop
But the group that will include the same product has a different value.
WupSales Loyalty program
Then you can determine which value to use for such cases. To set the priority, go to settings -> main, and in the Priority groups(<)product option, set the operator to the position you need.
Woocommerce Loyalty program
In our example, exactly the value that is set for products and not for groups will be displayed. Check out our documentation to learn more about other WooBeWoo Reward Points for Woocommerce options. Also, if you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.
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