Customizable Filter Title and Description

Create and customize filters for your online store with WooCommerce Product Filter.
Thanks to the wide functionality of the plugin, you can not only set the title and description of the filter, but also configure how the title of your filter will be displayed.
The option is applicable to each filter.
It is very simple, just click on the show options and select show as.

Title and Description Product Filter

Each filter of our plugin has a custom title and description.

Title.By default, the filter title is not displayed, but below you will learn how to show it. You can also change the title text to the one you want.

Description. Initially, the filter is displayed without a description. You can enter its text in the Description field

Title and description

Hidden, Closed, Opened Filter Label

Set the way to display a filter label on the page on desktop/mobile:

  • no label
  • show as closed
  • show as opened

Here is an example of title label displaying:

Show title label


Choose your way of displaying the Title and description of the filter . Experiment and improve the appearance of the entire table with the WooCommerce Product Filter

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