User levels in the Reward System

Create unique levels that users can reach for completed actions, such as the total amount of purchases, registration, roles, and others, and reward them with a permanent discount.

In order to create, configure and control User Bonus Levels go to Settings ->User Levels and make the option “Use levels” active.

User levels in the Reward System

Here you can create and manage an unlimited number of user levels.

To create a level and customize it, click “Add level”. A new level will be added to the list. Now let’s start setting it up:

User Rewards Level

  • Name. First, let’s enter a name for the level. Take it seriously, because the name of the level will be displayed in the user’s personal balance account.
  • Reward bonus. Set a one-time bonus that the user receives by reaching this level.
  • Reward discount. You can give a permanent discount to a user who reaches this level. Specify as a percentage or an exact number in currency. Leave the fields blank if you don’t want to give a permanent discount to this user level.
  • Logic. Set the logic between the conditions, which we will add in the next paragraph. So, for example, if the AND logic is enabled, then the user must fulfill all the conditions to reach this level, and with the OR logic, only one of the conditions.
  • Conditions. Next, let’s add the condition(s) that the user needs to fulfill in order to reach this level. You can add and configure the following conditions:
    • User role(s). Specify one or more roles.
    • Count of day since registration. Enter the number of days that must elapse from the moment the user is registered (from/to).
    • Number of purchases. Enter from/to the number of purchases the user should make.
    • Total amount of purchases. Enter from/to the total amount of purchases that the user should make.
  • Current level label design. As we mentioned earlier, the level label will be displayed in the user’s personal account, under the bonus points counter. And you can completely customize the design for a particular level, Changing the background, font, text size, and text color.

User Balance

Priority by drag and drop. If the carts overlap in the ranges of different levels, then you can determine which value to use for such cases. The higher the level is located, the higher its priority, just drag the levels between them.

Priority by drag and drop

Delete User Level. To delete a level(s), just select the checkbox of the desired level(s) and click the Delete button.

After all the manipulations, do not forget to click the Save button.

Now the user will be motivated to perform one or another action in your store, for example, to buy more often and receive additional discounts for this.

Check out our documentation to learn more about other WooBeWoo Reward Points for Woocommerce options.
Also, if you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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