Currency Converter mode

Currency Converter allows you to convert currencies by exchange rates.


  • Toggle panel – the panel can be displayed by mouse hover or by click and full-size view.
  • Layout – choose a horizontal or vertical panel layout design.

  • Panel width – choose panel width in px.
  • Position – choose a basic position of the panel (left, right, top, bottom).
  • Vertical and Horizontal offset – change horizontal and vertical panel offset for mobile and desktop in px and %.
  • Transparent – change the level of transparency for the panel and opening button.
  • Enable the dropdown flag – enable currency flag in dropdown select.
  • Show in currency dropdown – set the display order and what to display in the dropdown select list: 
  • Panel opening button text – type your text for the opening button.
  • Panel opening button font setting – select opening button font setting.
  • Panel opening button size – choose a size for an opening button.
  • Text colour for the opening button – choose a text colour for the opening button.
  • Background colour for the opening button– choose a panel background colour for the opening button
  • Show border – show opening button outer border.
  • Border-radius for an opening button – set an opening button border-radius 
  • Show header – show panel title.
  • Panel header text – type your text for panel title.
  • Outer border and colour – show panel outer border.

Also, you can set a colour and fonts for any type of element:

  • header text
  • header background
  • panel text
  • panel background
  • convert button text
  • convert button background
  • convert button hover

Display Rules

It allows you to set the conditions for displaying the converter.

  • Show on – select the devices on which the panel should be displayed.
  • Show on screen – if this option is selected, the panel will be displayed only under the selected conditions, f.e: 
  • Display everywhere – select pages from the list on which you want to display the panel or select “Enable” to display the panel on each page.
  • Pages/ Product categories/ Custom post types– enable and select page or post from the list on which you want to hide a module.

    Save changes.

    Shortcode and PHP code

    In this tab, you can copy the shortcode and insert into the page or theme code to display a module.

    You are able to add additional parameters to the shortcode:
    'currency_display' => 'name',
    'show_flag_dropdown' => false,
    'layout' => 'vertical',
    'btn_txt_color' => 'white',
    'btn_bg_color' => '#333',
    'btn_bg_color_h' => '#e58004',
    'width' => '100%',
    'exclude' => array(),
    'show_on' => 'both',
    'show_on_widths' => 0,
    'show_on_screen_compare' => 'less',
    'show_on_widths_value' => '',

    For example, if you need to display the switcher as a dropdown with flags, add these parameters to the shortcode:

    [woo -currency-converter exclude='USD,GBP' layout=horizontal show_flag_dropdown=true]

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